Bride of the Week: Milan Michail


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Milan Michail. She wore a custom made Loretta from the Tales Of JAzz Age collection and fitted her incredibly!

Her wedding, her dress, her husband and everything looked absolutely perfect so here is her story…

Milan and Meena’s love story began 2 years ago. She went to an art auction gala in Jersey city to raise funds to build a new Coptic church. She was on her way in and Meena was on his way out and suddenly he asked his friends to wait for him outside. He walked back in and started talking to Milan (that is destiny right there). They are both architects and he asked Milan if she would like a tour of the construction being done at the world trade center and Milan, of course, couldn’t resist. They exchanged numbers and started talking from then on.

Milan and Meena went on their first date, she listened to him talk about his hobbies, his passions, his family, and friends. Milan says he was completely different than anyone she had ever met, he was so passionate and his love for life was very inspiring. She remembers thinking to herself how it would feel to be loved by him… and 7 months later, they made plans to visit the Cloisters in NYC (part of the Metropolitan Museum). They sat down and prayed in one of the chapels. He read her a letter that he wrote and it was in form of a prayer. At the end of it, he knelt down and he proposed and Milan said YES instantly with tears running down her eyes. According to her, it was the second happiest moment in her life.

After that moment, they immediately started wedding planning. Milan had been following our social media pages for years and she always dreamed about wearing a Galia gown on her wedding day. It didn’t take much thought and she booked an appointment at Bridal Reflections and ordered the #Loretta. Milan says that the team at Bridal Reflections was amazing! They went through a long journey to making her dream dress happen. Through alterations, ideas, collaborations and final fittings, her gown became perfect in every way she wanted.

On October 30th, she woke up in a hotel with her closest girlfriends. They went to Milan’s sister house and got ready for a special event. It didn’t feel like she was getting married until she put on her gown. It hit her then that she was going to walk down the aisle to marry her best friend.

Milan told us their wedding couldn’t have been more perfect for them. They perfected every small detail and the event was a true reflection at the Estate os Florentine Gardens. Milan’s favorite moment was walking out of the church, kissing her husband as it started raining (this is such a movie moment right?) They took pictures and drank champagne under their umbrella. It was the happiest day of their life.

If this doesn’t sound like a dream yet, this beautiful GLcouple had their honeymoon in Bora Bora and they are living a life full of love at Jersey City, back to where it all started! We wish this couple all the happiness in the world!