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Bride Of The Week: Jessie Moreschini

Bride Of The Week: Jessie Moreschini
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Introducing our Bride of the Week, Jessie Moreschini, who looked absolutely stunning in our Holly gown from the Darling Collection! Jessie's wedding took place in the beautiful destination of Cabo, Mexico, a city close to her heart. In the following interview, Holly shares her unique journey to finding "the one" dress along with the details of her gorgeous destination wedding. As told by Jessie:

A moment of your wedding you will never forget?

The moment at the altar, listening to my husband read his vows with tears in eyes. All I could hear was the subtle rain in the background and the sound of his voice. It was truly the perfect moment.


One thing you wish you knew as a new bride? What advice would you give future brides?

My advice to future brides is that you cannot control every detail, no matter how hard you try or want to. I had to remind myself of this very thing throughout the entire process, and even on the day of. For all you future brides, go into your bridal era with the mindset that things will arise and will happen but it will all workout just the way it is supposed to; just be a bride and enjoy that moment.

A detail that made your wedding special/unique?

I must say the hurricane that we were met with on our wedding day was very unique. Her name was hurricane Norma and she definitely added quite the character to our wedding day. When we found out about the forecast for hurricane Norma, we were given the option to either postpone or cancel. My husband and I decided to just for it; rain or shine we were getting married in Cabo that October weekend.

How did you know your dress was “the one”?

I knew this dress was “the one” when I did not want to take it off during my try on. Every other dress I tried on, I would put it on and just be excited to try on the next one. But, when I put on this dress all I could think about was how perfect it looked and how confident I felt wearing it.

How did it feel when you put on your dress the day of the wedding? What was everyones reaction to the dress?

I truly felt like a princess when I put my dress on the day of my wedding. I kept my dress a secret from my bridesmaids, so when I finally showed everyone, the reactions did not disappoint. And yes, my husband did cry when he saw me.

Would you have done anything differently?

Hind site is always 20/20, it is always to look back and think of the could of and should ofs. If I could have controlled Mother Nature, I would have. But at the end of the day, hurricane or no hurricane, I got to marry my best friend.

What was your favorite part of the wedding to plan/you were looking forward to most?

I was most excited to plan a destination wedding. Cabo, Mexico is one of our favorite places; we were just so excited to experience it all with all of our favorite people.

How did you meet your husband? How did he propose?

I met my husband sophomore year at Arizona State University; we shared a class together. After becoming best friends and a few years of dating, he proposed to at Maroon Bells in Aspen Colorado in the early summer of 2022. The proposal was beyond what I could have ever dreamed of.

How did you find working with the team at Galia Lahav?

Galia Lahav was beyond perfect. Every single detail was thought of and executed perfectly. They truly made my bridal dreams come true.

How many dresses did you try on before you found the found it?

I tried on twenty dresses before I found the one. I tried on every single style you could imagine; from silhouettes to ball gowns, even different color shades. I really wanted the full dress shopping experience. I had two total dress appointments; my dress was the first dress I tried on at my second appointment and was my last.

Instagram handle | @Wgwabbbb
Photographer’s Instagram | @Hannah_rummel
My husbands name | Stefan Conway
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