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Galia Lahav Is Going Green With Its New RE:GALIA Innovative Initiative

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Galia Lahav Is Going Green With Its New RE:GALIA Innovative Initiative, Uniting Luxury and Sustainability Seamlessly.

As a brand, Galia Lahav has always put sustainability first when producing beautiful dresses for brides around the world. Every gown is made-to-order so no excess materials and resources are used to create additional inventory. While the brand has ensured a sustainable process to brides purchasing their gowns through the atelier, they are taking it a step further to give the garments a second life.


Instead of letting your wedding dress be worn just for one day, Galia Lahav is introducing RE:GALIA, an exclusive second-hand marketplace where recently married brides can list their gently worn Galia Lahav gowns to be purchased and worn down the aisle by brides-to-be. With the sale, the pre-loved gown will pass its story to a lucky new customer, while the brand can ensure the excellence of the Galia Lahav quality is still intact.

Galia Lahav wants to lead bridal fashion into a sustainable future, offering luxury designs at accessible prices while embracing the slow-fashion ethos. Not only is this new platform innovative, it’s the first of its kind in the bridal market being offered specifically from an elevated brand, pioneering the fusion of luxury and sustainability. Partnering with Treet, a trusted collaborator, RE:GALIA ensures a secure marketplace experience that encompasses a spectrum of crucial elements. From meticulous authentication processes to streamlined logistics to seamless payment transactions and optimized site functionality, every aspect is meticulously overseen to ensure selling and purchasing a Galia Lahav dress through the platform is an incredibly easy, user-friendly process for brides looking to emphasize sustainability in their wedding journey.

Aligned with Galia Lahav’s zero-waste policy, RE:GALIA prioritizes made-to-measure gowns, exceeding industry standards and cementing Galia Lahav’s status as a sustainable luxury leader. Authenticity and excellent quality are paramount to the process, with the Galia Lahav team serving as a liaison through the process.

“Embracing the second-hand market is more than just selling something; it’s about understanding the rising demand for sustainable consumption,” shares designer Galia Lahav. “We support conscious living through the RE:GALIA platform and service, helping our beautiful gowns find new homes, reducing waste, and meeting evolving consumer demands.”

With a goal of redefining luxury with sustainability at its core, RE:GALIA will help the brand enter into a new age of fashion. A key distinguishing feature of RE:GALIA is its emphasis on storytelling. Each gown carries its own narrative, from its creation by Galia Lahav’s skilled artisans to its cherished moments with a bride, and now, its journey to find a new home through RE:GALIA. 

The online platform will emphasize creating community among Galia Lahav brides, as well as a safe and eco-friendly way for gowns to find a new home. By establishing connections behind brides selling their dresses and those purchasing pre-loved ones, it allows a unique line of communication to allow memories old and new to be shared around the gown, and grow the community of Galia brides around the globe. 

Recently married brides can be excited to know their dresses will have another chance to walk down the aisle, while new brides have the incredible opportunity to wear a piece of art with a story. These gowns become living testaments to the enduring beauty of high-quality bridal fashion, enriching the experience for both sellers and buyers.

In addition to pre-loved gowns, RE:GALIA will also offer brides the opportunity to purchase brand-direct samples. These never-been-worn designs emphasize Galia Lahav’s commitment to sustainability and dedication to have every dress from the atelier have its chance to be worn by a bride on their special day.

So whether you have already loved and worn your Galia Lahav gown on your wedding day and want to share the beautiful piece with someone new or are dreaming of wearing one of the brand’s incredible designs yourself, RE:GALIA provides a unique opportunity to make your dreams a reality.

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Grace Yael | March 21, 2024

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