Bride of the Week: Kristina Senden-Mazgavaja


Galia Lahav’s bride of the week is: Kristina Senden-Mazgavaja. This beautiful GL bride wore our very own #Antonia gown from La Dolce Vita Collection and here is her story.

When we asked Kristina about how she met her husband and how did she know he was the one, her answer was the cutest and most romantic one. She met her husband at a friend’s birthday party and seven years later they got married. She knew right away he was the one for her because he was, and still is, everything she ever wished for. The longer Kristina is with him, the more she sees what a perfect match they are. They complete each other and for her, that is the most important factor in a relationship.

With so many bridal options and designs, the question is: what made Kristina say yes to the dress? Her answer was very straightforward. Her sister in law was scrolling through Instagram and found the Alora gown. A few days later she started checking the Galia Lahav website and knew right away she was going to find the perfect dress with our brand. She fell in love with 3 dresses specifically: the Blossom, the Antonia, and the Odette. She always dreamed of wearing a gown with an open back, mermaid silhouette, nice lacing and dresses that showed the contours of the body perfectly… and that is how she found HER dress: the Antonia. The moment Kristina put on the dress she was speechless and she told us: “Oh my GOD! when I fitted the Antonia dress I knew right away it was going to be ‘THE ONE’. I never believed in the stories of brides saying ‘This dress is the one for me, it just feels right’ but with this dress, I had that exact feeling!”

The couple got married at an abandoned castle, which was fully decorated to the roof with many candles and flowers made by her husband’s aunt (how incredible does this sound?). The ceremony was at night and it was a dream come true. The most emotional part of their special day was when her husband showed her a video during the ceremony where he completely drew himself. It took him more than six months and more than 7000 hours to complete it and ALL this while Kristina had no clue he was making this gift for her (a very romantic man indeed).

The entire day was one big highlight for Kristina. It was like a fairy tale. She describes the wedding as what you see in movies and never expected to experience it herself. Moreover, the fact that it was fully organized and prepared by his family, made it even more special and personal.

Finally, when we asked Kristina to tell us a fun anecdote about her wedding day we laughed a lot with the answer. When they went to the council house to conduct their marriage, they needed special parking cards so they could park in front of the building and they also needed them for their family and friends who wished to attend the wedding. However, when they drove there, they realized they forgot the cards and also their mobile phones so they had to turn back. The funny part was that on their way back to get the cards, they saw every single member of the family and friends driving towards the council house. They all had this look on their face like: “what the hell is going on?”.

The whole wedding, the experience, and Kristina’s husband sound all like a dream and we hope for them eternal happiness and love. Congrats on your wedding Kristina, you looked STUNNING!