Bride Of The Week: Ivana Laroche


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Ivana Laroche. She wore the GALA 702 and looked absolutely magnifique.

Ivana met Matthew in college and the story began as a friendship, and they stayed being friends even though Matthew moved to NYC. However, a little over two years ago, everything changed and their friendship turned into them dating, and the rest is history, but the proposal, THAT is something else.

Matthew took Ivana to Paris, her absolute dream vacation. Early on the trip, they went for a walk through the beautiful Parc Monceau and he bent on one knee, creating the perfect moment in a beautiful park in her favorite city. According to Ivana, much of what happened after he asked her to marry him was a blur of happiness and excitement (this moment should always be recorded for eternity right?) and they spend the remaining week celebrating love.

When Ivana got back to reality, she had to find the perfect dress and the GALA 702 was the first one that came across. The second she saw it, she just knew it had to be HERS. She immediately called bridal reflections in NYC, made an appointment and that was it, she ordered the GALA 702 that same day (we all wish it would be this easy right?)

Ivana told us that her experience with the GL team was wonderful. She wanted to add a modesty piece for the ceremony and one extra piece of fabric was sent to her fitting at Bridal Reflection so they could create her extra piece and also decided to add extra layers to the skirt of the dress for an even more dramatic effect. Everything was perfect and she created her gown with her unique preferences.

The wedding was exactly the way she dreamed it and more. She enjoyed the planning, being with family and friends, enjoying their happiness and excitement together, their families joining together… Ivana said, “to have all of the most important people in our lives at the same place at the same time celebrating our love was an amazing feeling and moment.”

And while we asked Ivana what was her favourite part of the night, her answer reminded us of the best part of the movie 27 dresses, when Kevin tells Jane that even though he doesn’t understand why people get married, his favourite part is when the bride comes in and she makes her grand entrance, because he looks back at the guy standing in front and the groom always looks really really happy! (*sobs* LOVE THIS MOVIE).
So coming back to Ivana and Matthew, the bride’s favorite part was when the church doors opened and she saw Matt waiting for her at the end of the aisle at the altar (and he must have had the biggest smile of all).

Sounds like a beautiful wedding, but their niece and nephew, Petra and Bruno, were the stars of the party as flower girl and ring bearer. Petra wore a custom gown made to mimic Ivana’s gown and Bruno’s tux mimicked Matt’s tux… ADORABLE!