Bride of the Week: Enza Maria Benis


Galia Lahav’s bride of the week is: Enza Maria Benis. This beautiful GL bride wore our very own #Fiona gown from The Empress Collection and this is her story about how she found love, how she said yes to the dress and her happily ever after.

Enza first met her husband Costa 12 years ago when she was only 17 years old. That fateful night, her best friend Stella asked her to go to the movie theater with her and a few other friends to see “Alfie” (wow, long time ago lol). She obviously said yes due to the excitement to see the movie even though she didn’t know Stella’s friends and didn’t know what to expect. She got into the car and before reaching their final stop, she saw a guy around her age walking towards the car with a little girl, who she assumed was his sister. She sat in the back with Enza and she started a conversation with the little girl, while Costa turned around and immediately introduced himself. Later in the evening, he kept stealing glances at her way and looking for ways to sit next to Enza without being noticed (was it love at first sight?). Enza thought this was very nice and when they went to have dinner, it seemed as they were the only two people at the restaurant. For some reason, they were just so drawn to each other and they spent the entire night talking to each other getting to know one another. Eventually, the night came to an end and Costa asked Enza her screen name so they could chat on Instant messenger (this was long before FB, when IM’ing on AOL was still the cool thing to do!). Enza doesn’t understand how, but her heart fluttered. She knew from that moment that her life would change completely… and it did (how sweet!!!!!!).

Costa proposed to Enza on her 29th birthday and it is a day she will always remember and cherish. He told her he made reservations at a beautiful restaurant in New York City. When they walked in, the waitress walked them to a private area where Costa had requested that they would be seated and Enza couldn’t help but wonder “is he going to propose?”. After the dinner, Costa suggested that they take a walk through Union Square Park since it was a beautiful evening. Completely clueless, Enza told him she didn’t feel like walking because her feet were hurting (of course this would happen haha), but Costa smiled and said it wasn’t too far and that the walk would be worth it because the weather was perfect. They moved places 3 times because Costa was super nervous (this is tooooo cute) and finally when they found the perfect spot, Costa went down on one knee. Enza asked “what are you doing” and Costa smiled and looked deep into her eyes, just like he did on the first night they met and asked Enza to marry him. She was so happy and excited that she started to yell, laugh and cry and the same time. Enza describes it as the best moment of her life. After 11 years, she finally got her wish: she was going to be his wife!

The rest was all very easy for Enza. Three years before being engaged, she had already spotted the perfect dress for her. She found the beautiful #Fiona Galia Lahav gown at Bridal Reflections in Manhattan. When she saw the gown, there was no question about it: she knew that was going to be the dress that she would get married in.

Costa and Enza had they ceremony at the St. Patrick’s Church on Staten Island and their reception was at The Manor in New Jersey, an indescribably beautiful venue surrounded by endless gardens or colorful flowers. Everything about her wedding, she says, the ceremony, the reception and especially her groom, was everything she dreamed of and more. She now admits that her wedding day was the best day of her life because it was the day she was blessed with her prince charming and another set of amazing parents.

When we asked Enza if her wedding was the way she had dreamed it, she answered: “absolutely, 100% YES!” Congrats to this beautiful couple, they deserve the best in the world!!!