Bride of the Day: Jessica


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Jessica Spinelli, telling us step by step her bridal experience! Being part of such an experience and having so much impact on our brides strengthens our duty to be the best. Jessica wore the Suzanne gown which accentuated all of her beauty and made her the princess she deserves to be!

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Dress shopping is definitely one of the most exciting things when it comes to wedding planning. And while every girl hopes to have the wedding of their dreams, it’s more important to find the dress they’ve always dreamed of! I tried on many gowns from wonderful designers, but none of them made my heart flutter the way the Galia Lahav gown did. I saw it on the hanger and knew I loved it before I even tried it on. The second the consultant finished zipping the dress my smile was larger than the tulle skirt! What really confirmed my decision was the look on my sister and my mothers faces. They had tears in their eyes and looked at me as though I was the most beautiful girl in the world. It was the first time I felt like a bride, and the first time I didn’t feel like the “baby” of the family anymore. They’re expressed made me feel the way every bride should feel. The Suzanne gown was so elegant and tastefully sexy. The detail in the dress was like nothing I’ve ever seen. And the fit! It. Was. Everything. I couldn’t imagine picking a different dress! That dress was made for me.

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I met my husband through friends when we were in our senior year of high school. I knew he liked me, but I was getting ready for college and was too preoccupied to seriously date anyone. We reconnected during our 2nd year of college and have been together ever since! We have been together for 7 1/2 years. Many couples who have dated through their 20’s either grow apart or grow together. We grew stronger every year. I knew he was the one after dating for several months. He picked up a chocolate yoo-hoo box and said “I love yoo- hoo”, to which I misunderstood and thought he was saying “I love you”- and like a fool I said it back! He fumbled and said “ohh I meant the drink… But I love you too”. It’s been an ongoing joke for us for 7 years.

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As cliche as it may sound, the highlight of my day was walking down the isle. My husband, who is the strongest man I know, had tears in his eyes. It actually took my breathe away. He never cries! Knowing that I brought that emotion out of him made that moment really special for me… And my photographer has pictures to prove it! So he cannot deny he had tears 🙂

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As loving and amazing as my mother is, she has a tendency to overreact. When I arrived to the church I realized we left my blusher home. I was calm about it and didn’t want to stress. Unfortunately, my mother was not on the same page as me. Before I knew it she had scissors in her hand and was pleading with me to allow her to cut some tulle from my skirt to pin as a makeshift blusher. She was crazy! After I refused, she paid our limo driver to go to the nearest bridal salon to buy me any blusher available. There wasn’t much time to wait so I had someone hurry to get her ready to walk down the isle. Apparently, she had high hopes for the limo driver finding me a blusher, because when the doors opened and my father and I stepped out (blusher-less) my mom had a devastated, panicked, disgusted look on her face! I pray that her reaction it not on video! Not to mention, it took her 3 hours to get over it!

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Dealing with the Galia Lahav staff was lovely! I was not nervous about one thing because everyone I worked with was an expert. They had such confidence in Galia that no matter what change I did, they assured me Galia only creates perfection. And they were right! They believed in and loved Galia Lahav so genuinely that it was contagious. The staff and I all shared the same vision for my dream dress. They all knew what I wanted and worked so hard to make sure I got my dream dress. I still can’t believe that that beautiful gown is mine!

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