Bride of the Day: Denise


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Denise Bayse a stunning bride from London, who took the Crystal gown from the Les Revs Bohemian Collection and put all her sensation and passion into it to become an outstanding and beautiful bride. It is in honor to be part of such an amazing experience in our brides life, from the fittings to the actual wedding day. Congrats to Denise and her husband on such a magical day!


From the moment I started looking at dresses I knew that I had to have a dress by an Israeli designer. The dresses have the most beautiful detail I have ever seen, but yet are so sexy and flattering. For me, they are the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. I tried a few different Israeli designers which are available in the UK but there is something about Galia which fit me so well. Not just the detail of the dress, but the colours are also so unique (pure white does not suit my fair skin and blonde hair.

It was at a Galia Trunk Show at Browns Bride in London that I found the Crystal dress. Sharon himself was at the show and advised me to try this particualr dress on. If it wasn’t for his eye I probably wouldn’t have considered it as I was looking for the statement Galia low back.

As soon as I put it on, the dress literally took my breath away. The all of crystals made my face glow and it was the most beautiful dress I had ever tried on. It helped that the dress has boning all the way around which gave me a perfect hour glass figure which made me feel sexy yet classy.

For me, the ultimate winning element of the dress is the split at the front. Its something I’ve never seen before on a dress and gave it a really modern and young twist, which I loved!

image3 (3) (1) copy

I met my husband Nick in a nightclub in London 7 years ago. I knew he was the one when he came over to me at the bar and asked me to buy him a drink (cheeky!)

He is the funniest and most fun loving person I have ever met and I cannot imagine life without him.

image2 (4) (3)

For me it was the entrance into the ballroom after the ceremony. It was honestly the most overwhelming experience of my life with everyone cheering and clapping, there were even some tears. It was so beautiful to see people who we love the most so happy for us. Our photographer Anna Fowler captures my feelings in the picture of us walking down the stairs perfectly.

image1 (6) (1) copy

I actually had a second dress, from the GALA range, which I absolutely loved as well. I put this dress on for the last 2 hours so I could really dance and let go. During our bands’ rendition of Prince – Purple Rain, Nick picked me up and span me around really quickly (about 7 times!) and when he put me down we were so dizzy that he dropped me and we both fell in front of everyone.

Looking back at photo’s its the most romantic and beautiful fall I’ve ever seen, and I wouldn’t have changed it (although it hurt ALOT at the time!)


As mentioned before, it was an honour to have met Sharon and have him do my measurements, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have ever tried the Crystal dress. The staff at Browns were absolutely amazing, they told me that they would never let a Bride walk out unhappy and that always made me feel like I was in great hands. Bernadette, my seamstress was honestly the most talented lady I have met and always went the extra mile to make everything perfect.

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