Bride Of The Week: Rosie Boquiren


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Rosie Boquiren. She wore the amazing Greta Garbo gown from the Tales Of Jazz Age collection and the Elise cape and it fitted her like a glove. Her story is amazing so keep on reading!

Rosie and her husband met 13 years ago through a mutual friend. As if they would be part of a rom-com movie, they are high school sweetheart and Rosie always knew he was the one she was going to marry!

After many years, they planned a weekend away on a yacht and it was a perfect autumn day in #Sydney. It started off with sun baking, eating and drinking and then he decided to show Rosie a magic trick with a deck of cards and suddenly… her now-husband popped the question after the trick (very clever actually). Rosie told us he is usually a joker so she thought nothing of it when he was showing her the trick, so the proposal was really an absolute surprise, she never expected it!! The night ended with gazing at the stars and it was a perfect night for both of them!

After she got engaged, she had to find the perfect dress, and we are very proud to say that Rosie always knew she wanted a Galia Lahav dress and the theme she had always had in mind for the wedding was Art Deco/Gatsby. Rosie said that she fell in love with the Tales Of Jazz Age collection, so she managed to try a few from this collection at the #TrunkShow in Sydney at Eternal Bridal and the very last dress was THE ONE, the Greta Garbo

Their wedding was amazing and Rosie told us that people are totally right when they say that the day goes by so quick, as she felt it like it was a blink of an eye. Her only advice for future brides is to make sure you do everything you want to do, after all.. it is YOUR DAY!

Rosie’s favorite part of her wedding was seeing her husband waiting for her at the altar (wow this is always our favorite part). Although she walked down the aisle alone, she felt comfort knowing he was right there supporting her. Just seeing his made all her nerves disappear and she forgot she was even walking alone, it gave her reassurance that even though the church was full, for just that moment she felt like it was just the two of them (*goosebumps* right?).

Rosie also said she really enjoyed going through the process together with her husband, they both worked on the style of the wedding down to the very fine details and even though it may have tested their relationship, it really did bind them together in the end and the experience was the best part of it (sound like a real team!!!).

We love Rosie, her story and how she is now part of our #GLbrides team!!! We hope for them the best in the world!