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Galia Lahav Spring 2025 Collection “Symphony” Is a Fusion of Romance and Modern Elegance

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Just as a flower blooms at the start of spring with exciting beauty and promise, so does our newest Spring 2025 GALA Collection | Symphony provides a stunning selection of gowns that marry the aesthetic principles of romance, modernity, and elegance

As she ideadated the new collection, Galia Lahav, alongside designer Sharon Sever, drew inspiration from the captivating imagery of a flower gracefully unfurling its petals in a slow-motion symphony, amidst a backdrop of delicate powder pink blossoms. The design duo share that this spring line is a celebration of nature’s subtle poetry of growth that’s encapsulated within each meticulously crafted gown

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Sharon Sever remarks, “We were entranced by the imagery of a flower blooming in slow motion, and we endeavored to capture that ethereal beauty within our Spring 2025 GALA Collection. This collection embodies the essence of growth, romance, and the graceful elegance of nature’s symphony.”

Named Symphony as an allusion to the harmonious orchestration found in nature, the collection presents a beautiful melody of texture, fabric, and shape. Unparalleled craftsmanship is harnessed to create the intricate detailing and sumptuous silhouettes on each bridal gown. The Symphony GALA Collection features an exquisite array of designs in soft, powdery tones evocative of flower blossoms. Brides who seek sophistication with a touch of whimsy on their special day can easily find a match within this new selection of Galia Lahav creations

The Galia Lahav bride has plenty of diverse choices to choose from to fit her own bridal style. Some gowns are full of 3D lace appliqués evoking petals, while other sleek silk mikado designs provide a modern, yet ultra-feminine feel. Silhouettes also vary from sexy, fitted mermaid styles to grand ball gowns for a regal feel as they glide down the aisle. While the collection as a whole feels cohesive, each gown shines on its own like the bride who will eventually choose it for their own wedding day

With its irresistibly romantic allure, the Symphony GALA Collection will have no problem finding a match with stylish brides across the globe

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Grace Yael | April 3, 2024

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