Bride of the Week: Brittaney Bonilla


Galia Lahav’s bride of the week is: Brittaney Bonilla. This beautiful GL bride wore the amazing #Suzanne gown from the Homage to the Sizzling 1920’s Collection.

Brittaney’s love story begins in middle school where she met Nic. As the perfect chic flick would start, they were best friends (Nic was in the Friendzone for a while believe it or not) throughout high school and after they graduated, they went their separate ways in college and did not date until their mid-twenties and that is when Nic finally got a chance.

After a few years, they were on their way to a Yankees vs. Red Sox MLB game in New York and it is very important to mention they are hard fans of the rival teams, Nic being a Boston fan and Brittany a New York Fan. At that moment he proposed and of course she said YES, even though they had to put their differences on team preference aside *LOL*.

Brittany mentioned us she had been eyeballing the Suzanne gown for quite some time. She first saw it on Pinterest and then looked it up on Instagram and continued to do more research until she found the perfect place to try it on! She purchased the gown at Kinsley James Couture Bridal in Walnut Creek, CA. Brittany told us it was the first dress she tried on and although she tried on a few other, she instantly knew this was the one (when you know you know… you just feel it!)

Brittany describes her wedding as absolutely beautiful and everything she could have imagined in her life. She loved the experience with the Galia Lahav brand and she said her dress fitted her like a glove (it actually did) and that it was everything she had hoped it would be!

Her wedding was spectacular and all her wedding team made her dream come true! The only thing Brittany told us she would change about the whole experience, would be for her and Nic to take a moment and just be able to take it all in.

Time at your wedding flies away, take a moment to look around, enjoy the company of each person at your wedding, and enjoy your husband’s look the minute you start walking towards him, it is a MAGICAL moment.Brittany was an amazing GL bride and we wish her the best in the world!!!