Bride Of The Week: Sarah Amalfitano


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Sarah Amalfitano. She wore the Desiree gown from the Le Secret Royal collection and looked like a goddess.

This week, we have a particularly special Bride of the Week. Sarah’s experience with Galia Lahav entails the story of two Holocaust survivors, her experience at a glamorous fashion show, and of course, with falling in love.

The story of Sarah and her husband, Peter, began in 2008 when they were both applying to the same internship.  After the interview process, Sarah told her family and friends that she hoped the “guy with the nice eyes gets the job too!”. Sure enough, four months later, Sarah and Peter found themselves working together.  They started as friends, but began dating a few months later, and dated throughout all of college.

Sarah and Peter took their careers very seriously, and dated for nine years before finally getting engaged. After their college graduation, Peter went on to get his Masters of Financial Engineering at UC Berkeley, a journey which took the couple from New Jersey to California, to London and finally back home to New Jersey the summer of 2016. After all their traveling, Sarah decided to surprise Peter with a trip to Greece, where he has family, for this 30th birthday.  Little did she know, the biggest surprise was waiting for her arrival.  Six days into their trip, the couple went to their favorite restaurant in Santorini to celebrate Peter’s birthday, when Peter surprised Sarah by proposing. He even hired a photographer to capture the incredible moment.

Post proposal, Sarah began looking on Instagram for her perfect wedding dress designer.  She immediately fell in love with Galia Lahav, and the intricate detail and the modern take on classic designs that were both sexy and elegant.

Then one day, Sarah saw that Galia Lahav was hosting an Instagram contest, where people were asked to submit a photograph from a family member’s wedding, for a chance to have the opportunity to go to the Galia Lahav fashion show at the New York Public Library. When she saw the post, Sarah immediately called her mom and had her gather all the pictures from her grandparents’ wedding. Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, and they had the first Jewish wedding in Berlin after World War II. Sarah won the contest, and attended the show with her mother. They got to meet Galia Lahav and Sharon Server, and Sarah said that to this day she tears every time she walks past the New York Public library, just thinking about the experience.

Sarah’s grandparents:

Sarah with head designer Sharon Sever at the Galia Lahav fashion show!

As soon as Sarah was engaged, she looked up Galia Lahav’s trunk show schedule, and invited her parents, sister, mom’s best friend and all ten of her bridesmaids to attend the appointment, and it was one of her best memories from the wedding process, and is something she will always cherish. While Sarah went in with a list of Galia Lahav dresses she wanted to try, she also made sure to have an open mind. She tried on dress after dress and even though they were all gorgeous, still hadn’t found the one. Finally, the moment the stylist finished zipping the Desiree gown, she knew it was her perfect dress. It had everything she was looking for: open back, lace detail and mermaid silhouette. Before she went out to see everyone she asked for another minute because she wanted to soak in the moment. The second she stepped out of the dressing room, all her friends and family cheered and cried, which confirmed that this was the dress for her.

The wedding took place at the Ashford Estate in Allentown, NJ, a venue that Sarah and Peter had their eyes on for years. The moment they walked through the door of the main house and laid eyes on the library they knew instantly that this where they would get married.

Everything about the wedding reception revolved around the venue and the dress. Both the dress and venue were so unique and so special every choice they made, from flowers to bridesmaid dresses, was made to enhance the dress or venue, not take away from it in any way.

While the whole experience was magical, Sarah said the dress was really where it all started. When her and her husband had their first look he was initially speechless, but one of the first things he said was “This is a beautiful dress.” He still talks about how special it was and all of the intricacies of the design.

Overall, Sarah said that everything about their wedding was a dream. Sarah and Peter were able to have it at the most beautiful venue and their family and the entire bridal party got to spend the night in the fabulous suites. They partied all night and had breakfast together the following morning. It was better than they could have ever imagined. The best part of all was that Sarah got to marry her best friend.

Congrats to this amazing #GLcouple, Sarah and Peter. Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!