Bride Of The Week: Nuwandi Trahan


Our beautiful GLbride of the week is: Nuwandi Trahan. She wore the Greta Garbo gown from the Tales of the Jazz Age collection and looked as glamorous as can be!

Nuwandi met her husband, Douglas, while he was on vacation visiting her hometown in Palm Beach, Florida. Nuwandi was out drinking martinis with friends when she noticed an extremely cute and tall, man who did not look like he was from Palm Beach. She noticed he was wearing an out-of-style polo shirt, and looked uncomfortable sipping his drink. Nevertheless, he had her attention. As she was about to leave the bar, Nuwandi felt a tap on her shoulder, and sure enough, it was the man she had been eyeing the whole night. He introduced himself as Douglas, and they talked until the bar closed down, and then got some late-night French toast and talked until six in the morning.  The next morning, Douglas texted Nuwandi asking to get brunch, and they spent the remaining four days of his vacation together before he went back to Texas.

After a while, Nuwandi got sick of flying back and forth between Texas and Florida, so finally she moved to Austin to be with Douglas. While Nuwandi had grown up with blue beaches and palm trees, she now found herself surrounded by farms and cow pastures. While the couple tried creating their own memories together in Austin, Nuwandi always felt that their hearts were in Florida where they had met. One weeknight, Douglas surprised Nuwandi and took her to the restaurant where they had had their one year anniversary dinner. Then, he rented a boat and pulled out the bottle of wine they drank on her first visit to see him in Texas. Then, he changed into the shirt he had worn the night they met, claiming he was too hot in his other one. As the sun set and their favourite song began to play, Douglas got to his knees and said a quote Nuwandi had said to him once, “Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable and received the impossible”. Then, he pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked her to marry him. While he said many other things, Nuwandi was in shock and said yes, standing still like a statue until she came back to life.

Then the dress shopping began!  Nuwandi knew she wanted something different, but also that she wanted something that would not take away from what she looked like, but add to it. Instead of wanting to be a princess on her wedding day, Nuwandi wanted to be uniquely different, like she had always considered herself. Nuwandi went to Ivory Bridal Atelier in Houston, and as soon as she saw the Greta Garbo dress she knew it was the one.  As Greta Garbo is known for remarkable beauty with a modern spirit and irresistible allure, it was the perfect dress for her.  Nuwandi knew it was the one from the moment she saw saw it and the moment she put it on, just like she felt about Douglas when they met. She knew he was the one.

Their wedding took place at the Powell Crosley Estate in Florida. Nuwandi wanted something old, but Douglas wanted something on the water, and this was the perfect combination.  Nuwandi wanted her wedding to look old, new, dark and glamorous all at the same time, so she settled on an old Hollywood theme, with dark and seductive colors like blacks, plums, burgundy and gold.

Overall, her favorite part of the night was the ceremony, and seeing the look on Douglas’ face as she walked down the aisle. Nuwandi knew she would be safe for the rest of my life with how he looked at her.

Congrats to this amazing #GLcouple, Nuwandi and Douglas Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!