Bride of the day : Nicky


Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to our new bride, Nicky Jones who got married in The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. She picked her dress at the Bridal Reflections store in NYC and looked absolutely stunning in our backless Giselle gown  and it was a true delight to see her joy highlighting the amazing pictures she sent us! We asked her a few questions about this so particular day and here’s what she answered! Check it out! 

1. With so many bridal options today, what was the deciding factor when it came to picking out your gown?
Quite the story. I had been in love with the gown that I chose , years before I even tried it on. I would stare it at online and in magazines. I knew Galia was coming to NYC for a trunk show, so I called bridal reflections VERY last minute. They were fully booked, but they fit me in. I tried on a couple dresses before the one I chose. When I put on the dress, I kept saying “ I think I really like this, I think I may love this one..” . Once they put the vail on it was all over. I was a princess. I felt the way every bride should feel on their wedding day.

Real Bride Nicky





2. How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?
A work romance! We both worked at Yahoo! at the time. The first time I saw Mark I thought to myself, this guy is so handsome I like his shoes, he has really nice jeans on, and his shirt is cool J, and most of all his personality and work drive were so attractive to me. We worked together on the same team or about 5 months. It wasn’t until our bosses 40th Birthday party that we really got to know each other. After that he asked me out to Margaritas ( my favorite).. and the rest is history.







3. Where did you get married and can you tell us about your wedding day
The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn New York.
It was incredible. We had been too so many typical wedding venues, we wanted to switch it up a bit. We love Brooklyn, our best memories took place in Brooklyn, we have lived there as a couple for 5 years, so for us, this is where we were to get married.

The actual day was amazing. The weather could not have been better. We had everyone that we love and care for come to town for us. The staff at the Wythe treated us like royalty. I had a blast getting dolled up with my bridesmaids all morning, while the groomsmen had brunch and jammed out in their suite. Our ceremony was short but sweet. I had my boss marry us. He has played such a huge role in both Mark and my life, it was only appropriate. We wanted to make sure we honored all of the special people in our life so we ended up giving speeches to them during our ceremony.



4. What was the highlight of your special day?
I will always remember Waking up to a text from Mark that said “ NAN ( what he calls me ) today is the day of all days!!” and seeing him during our first look with our family and friends surrounding us, was something I will never forget . It was on the rooftop of the Wythe hotel , 8 stories up, overlooking New York City . My sisters speech also blew me away. It was so genuine and sincere, and really encompassed our relationship.

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5. Can you tell us a fun anecdote about your wedding day?
Oh gosh. Everyone had told me after as I was walking down the aisle everyone feared my dress was going to catch fire because my train was so long and the aisle was lined with candles. No fire, but honestly, the whole week was fun for us. There are too many stories to account for. Everyone was at their best, and did not stop celebrating for a week straight. My dad said he looked around the room after cocktail hour and all of the sudden , it was like a flip had switched and it was just a huge party. Exactly what we wanted !

6. Did everything go as you dreamt it or planned it? Or did something unexpected happened?
I plan events for a living to insert a planner into the program was a bit difficult. There was a few small slip ups, like the mic didn’t work when my sister went to give her Maid of Honor speech. It was as close to perfect as possible, and I would not have changed a thing.

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