Bride of the Day: Neda


Galia Lahav’s bride of the day is Neda Misaghi, such a beautiful bride and fan who made her dream come true through the Galia Lahav staff catering her to perfection in becoming a GL bride.


I have always been a big fan of Galia Lahav gowns so when I wanted to get married I knew I should have one of her beautiful gowns without any hesitation. I just love the details and style of almost all her wedding gowns and honestly it was a hard decision for me to pick one . I love backless gowns and dresses a lot therefore the one I picked was super sexy and elegant at the same time and the back of my gown was see through and I really felt like a princess wearing that gown .
I did meet my amazing husband on December 2007 in Las Vegas and there was something about him that told me he is the one because we made a good connection right away (which I normally don’t become so close to strangers) and I fell for his sense of humor and his charming personality right away . Honestly he has a heart of gold and I feel lucky to be on his side every day ❤️??
The highlight of my wedding day was knowing the fact that I was marrying the most loving and handsome man ever as well as having my friends and family with me to share our excitement and happiness with them and of course my Galia Lahav gown played and important role on making me shine throughout the day people loved my wedding gown and I was getting sooo many complement from almost everyone at the wedding
The most fun part of my wedding was the fact that the majority of our quests where young and full of energy therefore they were dancing and having a good time like there was no tomorrow and after the wedding we were getting a lot of good feedback form our family and friends and they were saying they had such and amazing time that night and of course hearing these stuff was nice and it seemed all your hard work to make your wedding perfect was paying off
Galia Lahav staff are very professional and they made my wedding gown experience fun and enjoyable.