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Yes, Women Can Propose — So Here’s How to Do It, According To Proposal Planner Ash Fox

Yes, Women Can Propose
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Interview by Suzannah Weiss with Ash Fox

Proposals aren’t exactly something you learn about in school, and since women aren’t usually expected to be the ones proposing, they get even less advice. But there’s no reason women shouldn’t be able to pop the question. In fact, it can be empowering to go after what you want instead of waiting on someone else.

In photographer and proposal planner Ash Fox’s experience, most couples have already talked about marriage by the time they get engaged. The proposal is mostly a formality, so have fun with it.

While the most common object to propose with is a ring, it can be anything your partner can wear for the rest of their life. Whatever it is, it should show you value and understand them, says Fox. Some prefer watches or bracelets.

If you go for a ring, get the nicest one that’s affordable to you and fits your partner’s taste. Can’t dole out a fortune? Look for vintage rings. If your partner owns any rings, you can figure out their size by putting a ring of theirs on a piece of paper and tracing a circle around it. If not, no worries — a ring can be resized.

When it comes to location, you can go two routes, says Fox. You can take your partner to a beautiful setting you’ve never been to before so you have a new experience to share. Or, you can take them to a favorite place of yours — perhaps one where you shared a significant memory — for a sentimental proposal.

Published on July 28, 2018

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