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Khloe Kardashian’s Christmas Magic: Galia Lahav’s Crystal Elegance Lights Up the Kardashian Party

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In the glitzy realm of high fashion and Hollywood royalty, one name reigns supreme – Koko, the one and only Khloe Kardashian. At the recent Kardashian Christmas party hosted at the opulent Maison of Kim Kardashian, Koko stole the spotlight in a crystal-infused wonderland, clad in a full custom Galia Lahav creation. Styled to perfection by the incredible Dani Levi, and adorned with matching diamonds by the renowned Lorraine Schwartz.

Koko's Crystal Wonderland:

Picture this: Khloe Kardashian adorned in a bespoke Galia Lahav masterpiece. The fitted mermaid gown, featuring a strapless corset, sparkled with the magic of hundreds of hand-placed crystals, creating an ethereal shimmer that lit up the Christmas night. As she gracefully glided through the Kardashian Christmas party, she embodied the spirit of the season, radiating glamour and festive charm.

Khloe's Dress Sketch

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And let’s not forget True, the little fashionista, donned in a miniature version of the glamorous gown, complete with a custom crystal-embellished bowtie for Tatum. The trio radiated elegance and festive charm.

True's Dress Sketch

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As told by Sharon Sever, Head Designer at Galia Lahav
 “We are beyond excited to have collaborated with Khloe Kardashian & Dani Levi for this special occasion. Creating these custom full crystal looks for Khloe and True was a delightful journey, and seeing them shine at the Kardashian Christmas party is a true testament to the magic that unfolds when vision & creativity come to life.”
Styled by Dani Levi:

Behind every iconic look is a masterful stylist, and Khloe’s Christmas couture was no exception. Styled by the incredible Dani Levi, who has curated looks for the stars, the collaboration between Galia Lahav and Dani Levi left the world breathless, turning the Kardashian Christmas party into a runway of dreams

Diamonds by Lorraine Schwartz:

Completing this ensemble of opulence were the diamonds that danced alongside the crystals. Lorraine Schwartz, a name synonymous with luxury, provided the matching diamonds that adorned Koko’s radiant presence. The harmonious marriage of crystals and diamonds created a celestial aura, elevating Koko’s look to new heights of elegance and allure.

The Grand Finale:

As the Kardashian Christmas party unfolded at the glamorous Maison, Khloe, True, and Tatum danced the night away, their crystal-clad ensembles capturing the essence of the holiday season. Surrounded by the who’s who of Hollywood, they shone as the epitome of Christmas glamour. The evening concluded with laughter, joy, and memories created in custom Galia Lahav brilliance – a fitting end to a night that will be remembered for years to come.

In the world of high fashion and celebrity gatherings, this Kardashian Christmas extravaganza, adorned in Galia Lahav’s crystal magic, will forever be etched in the annals of festive elegance. Until next Christmas, may your holidays be as sparkly and fabulous as this unforgettable soirée! ✨🎄

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Grace Yael | December 25, 2023

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