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Unveiling the Gala Collection: Galia Lahav’s Parisian Dream for Fall 2024

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Allow your imagination to soar, envisage a leisurely stroll along the charming streets of Paris, where you might find yourself meandering through the artsy-cool Saint Germain de Près neighborhood. As you wander, picture yourself gracefully strolling with a baguette in hand, amidst the delightful pink chestnut tree blooms that adorn the picturesque Place Saint Sulpice, adding a touch of romantic allure to your day.

Le Rêve | Gala Collection

Raise your glass and célébrez as we unveil Galia Lahav’s Fall 2024 collection. Paris, with its magnetic allure and influence on fashion, beckons brides to explore their unique style and embrace new horizons, all while staying true to themselves. As Galia Lahav unveils the Fall 2024 collection in the heart of Paris, get ready to embark on a journey through its iconic neighborhoods, where timeless romance and glamour take on new dimensions in a stunning array of bridal styles.

“Paris, with its enchanting power to awaken creativity and ignite romance, has always been at the core of our Fall 2024 collections. It’s a city where dreams transcend into reality, where lovers find their muse, and where artistry flourishes. With ‘Le Rêve,’ we invite brides to immerse themselves in the magic of the City Life of Paris and find the perfect match.”

As said by Sharon Sever, Creative Director of Galia Lahav, Paris has an enchanting power to spark creativity and romance, and it’s at the heart of their Fall 2024 collections. Paris, with its timeless allure and romantic ambiance, has always held a special place in the hearts of dreamers and lovers worldwide.

Wandering Through the Latin Quarter

“Le Rêve” captures the essence of a dream, inviting you to explore the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank, where creative greats like philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, and screen icon Catherine Deneuve found inspiration. Just like these legends, the collection encourages you to write your own story, song, or screenplay, all while daydreaming in Place Saint Sulpice.

The Poetry of Ethereal Satin

Ethereal satin dresses flow like the rhymes and lyrics of captivating poetry within “Le Rêve.” Fashion-forward separates break boundaries, evoking the fierce independence and empowerment of the area’s wordsmith and philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir.

Creating Your Perfect Pairing

Consider creating a perfect pairing for your special day—couture for the ceremony and one (or two) Gala looks for the reception and after-party. With Galia Lahav, your wedding journey is an artistic expression, a dream realized in the City of Love. Mais oui!

Dazzling Under the Parisian Lights

A sparkling beaded overskirt chicly subverts the traditional gown, exuding glamour and romance, especially when dancing amidst the glow of street lamps and cityscape lights. Versatile and detachable tops offer an immediate transformation, allowing you to reflect your uniqueness and inner nonconformist.


In “Le Rêve,” the artistry of love is woven into every stitch. The intricate detailing, from delicate lace overlays to carefully placed sequins, tells a tale of romance and individuality. Each gown becomes a canvas for your unique love story, inviting you to step into the narrative and let your dreams unfold. Embrace the essence of Paris, where love stories are written in every cobblestone, and let your wedding day be a chapter in the city’s timeless romance.

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Grace Yael | October 11, 2023

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