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The Ultimate Pisces Wedding Dress Guide

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Dearest Pisces: You are the true romantics of the zodiac. Double-ruled by intuitive Neptune and prosperous Jupiter, you’re full of beautiful, lovable contradictions , as represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. On one hand, you’re the most compassionate person in your group; your loved ones, including your partner, look to you for genuine, loving support. You also give the most thoughtful advice - you are free of judgement. On the other hand, you also have a tendency to wear rose-colored glasses to avoid conflict and tough situations (like the nitty-gritty in planning your wedding, perhaps).
But we’re here for you Pisces! So, look to the stars to find your dream wedding dress that will be a perfect representation of your beautiful and imaginative self.

The Ultimate Romantic

Sweeping period love stories are your favorite movies of all time. You live for the slow-burn ritual of courtship and a good old fashioned swoon- worthy plot line. You’ll gravitate toward epic costume details, like billowing gigot sleeves from the aptly-named Romantic Era, and Gilded Age-inspired corsetry. Sublime layers of silk tulle are the perfect addition to the dress for your happily ever after.

The Empath

Your compassion runs deep — so much so, that you’re usually the one in tears when a friend comes to cry on your shoulder. But it’s because you truly feel all the feels. You wear your heart on your sleeve, so reflect that trait with evocative tulle bows at the cuffs. Iridescent silk tulle puffs and crystals sparkling along the deep plunge neckline feel ethereal and showcase the deep spiritual connection you have with your loved ones — and soul mate.

The Visionary

Your deep feelings and empathy also allow for boundless creativity and imagination. So, a corset-topped silk-satin ball gown lets you live out your wildest fantasies.  Detachable puff-sleeves allow you to personalize and make your wedding day look your own and express your true self.

The Escapist

Thanks to your wild imagination, you also have a penchant for losing yourself in pure fun. So you’re always the life of every party, and in this case, of your wedding day. Flowing point d’esprit tulle sleeves will accent your moves on the dance floor — where you’re always the star — while a pointed chapel train and stunning 3-D lace exude the festive spirit and celebratory joy you’re feeling on your special day.

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Izzy Sinclair | February 24, 2022

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