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Manicures That Add the Perfect Polish to Any Bridal Look

Galia Lahav – Manicures That Add the Perfect Polish to Any Bridal Look
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Brides-to-be plan out everything when it comes to their wedding day. From the dress to the lacy veil to the ornate jewels, there’s no detail that isn’t scrutinized. But one aspect of her bridal look that may lack creativity is her manicure.

Sure, you can go with the classic nude polish or a proper French manicure, but this is your big day and it deserves something special. We’re talking rhinestone-bedazzled digits, rose designs on accent nails and even rose gold trim. Whether you’re a loud-and-proud maximalist or a subdued minimalist, there’s nail art to fit every bride — and wedding dress.

Here are the 11 best wedding manicures to polish off any bridal look.

Turn up the glitz with a super glittery white manicure. It’s perfect for the bride who skipped the sparkle when it came to her gown.


Rose gold is currently trending for both hair and clothing, so it only makes sense that it would find its way to our nails. Amp up a typical French manicure by inserting rose gold lines right underneath the stark white tips.


Gown: Galia Lahav, Nails by @vplusnailsla

As if the mix of pastel pink and lavender wasn’t enough, those rosy accent nails make this manicure the perfect complement to a royal gown, like Galia Lahav’s exquisitely embroidered Arabella plunging dress fit for a princess.

In sandy shades, this minimal matte mani transports you to the beach. ??

A post shared by Paintbox (@paintboxnails) on

Nail two birds with one stone by having your manicure be your something blue. Plus, the matte mani won’t steal the focus from the rest of your wedding day ensemble.

Gown: Galia Lahav, Nails by @jyjin

A boho-chic column dress like the GALA 805 full of drama and diamond sequin embossed net calls for nails with some real artistic flair. This purple painterly manicure is the perfect pairing.


Gown: Galia Lahav, Nails by @mpnails

When your gown flaunts a lot of skin and champagne lace, it’s best to keep your mani simple. Galia Lahav’s Morgan dress includes long lace sleeves sure to draw attention to your silver-tinged digits.

The white polka dots on the accent nails remind us of snow, which is picture perfect for a winter ceremony. The pale pink polish provides a prime backdrop.

Gown: Galia Lahav, Nails by @aliciatnails

There is no better time than your wedding to think a bit outside the box. Team this stunning blue orchid and gold mani with Galia Lahav’s GALA 901 for maximum impact. Bonus points if you opt for the ice-blue version of the delicate dress.

Silver and white french tips using @coteshop

A post shared by Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails) on

Make your French manicure twice as nice by favoring white and silver tips. It’s subtle, but still offers some shine.

Go ahead and add a little texture to your bridal look with this flashy mani. The ivory base and gold-flecked accents will jazz up even the most plain-Jane wedding dress.

Gown: Galia Lahav, Nails @Pinterest

Instead of a single accent nail on each hand, how about a couple? Just use light pink polish painted on medium-length square nails with the pattern placed on both the pinkie and the ring finger (quite fitting for a wedding). The row of rhinestones on those nails and the Victorian medallions with embroidered pearls on this Galia Lahav Laura Victorian gown are an ideal marriage.

Published on December 13, 2017

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