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The Perfect Wedding Dresses for the Virgo Bride

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Ah, dear Virgo....

You’re meticulous, detail-oriented and still somehow profoundly logical. We’ll admit it: You’re also the sign that keeps the rest of us very well-organized. And you do it all without breaking a sweat, you elegant thing.

As a Virgo, you’re a perfectionist and you’re not afraid to let others know it.

This Earth sign is esteemed for having impeccable taste when it comes to all things—style, food, and even the people surrounding you—and is also well-known for being an incredibly hard worker. (After all, achieving perfection is not for the lazy.) However, you’d never boast about all those accomplishments, as Virgo errs towards modesty when it comes to affairs of their own life. Just look at Beyoncé, perhaps the most famous Virgo of all time, who embodies each of these traits to a tee.

On the other side of the coin, Virgos can snap at others when things don’t meet your high expectations and there’s a tendency to take control in a major way to ensure your interests are met. We’re not saying Virgos are control freaks, but they definitely prefer to be in the driver’s seat.

The Virgo bride is likely the one to show up for all wedding planning events with a color-coded binder and a seating chart that’s been decided upon a year before the wedding. Those organizational skills and laser-focus on details will most definitely come in handy when it comes to planning nuptials—and discovering your dream wedding dress. 

So, what is the perfect wedding dress for a Virgo bride? Let’s jump into the very detailed options.

Reina | Deep V-corset longs-sleeve wedding ball gown

It doesn’t get any more elegant and poised than a lace ball gown with a plunging V-neck corset top in shades of blush. This Couture gown from the Encanto Collection features Lily of the Valley appliqué that’s both demure and has a hint of shimmer to it. It’s the details that the Virgo will fawn over: the blossoms trailing up the illusion back, the crystals adorning each hem and the magic of that sheer corset.


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Scarlett | Mermaid-Lace Wedding Gown

Leave it to you, Virgo, to choose a dress that features a few major trends from the 2024 bridal runways, including a sharp and geometric corset and gorgeous ruffles. The semi-sheer mermaid Scarlett gown is carefully crafted from French lace with geometric detailing that feels modern and fresh—especially when balanced out with a smattering of sheer panels.


Evita| Low V back, Corset- Lace Wedding Gown

If the stunning guipure lace caught your eye, look closer. This is actually multiple dresses in one, the base of which is a corset gown with exposed boning and longline seams, finished off with a dramatic cathedral-length train. Then, add the high-neck, long-sleeve bolero in the same lace fabric and the coordinating overskirt, for even more volume. It’s a statement. It’s the moment. It’s perfection.


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Paloma | Silk Crepe and Corset Mermaid Wedding Gown

For the minimalist Virgo, the Paloma is it. It’s sleek and chic, but far from boring. The gorgeously sculpted gown features a hidden corset to create shape, while the silk crepe skirt flows in the most romantic way. Plus, the sweetheart neckline is quite unique, with a tulip hem. Should you want to dress this gown up, a high-neck capelet with fitted sleeves can be slipped on. But if it’s more texture you’re after, the A-line overskirt and oversized floral choker will do the trick.


Noa | Corset Silk Tulle Wedding Gown

Lean into your soft, feminine side with the Noa gown from the Iconic Couture Collection. Cascading with 3D flowers that are adorned with beads and crystals, this A-line dress cuts an impressive figure. The cinched (and sheer) corset opens up to a box-pleated skirt with a train. And don’t miss the veil, which is embroidered in the same 3D flowers to form the shape of a heart. Sweet, indeed. 


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Eilish | Corset and Voluminous Skirt Ballgown

A truly iconic move is to frame your ball gown wedding dress with an off-the-shoulder feather cape. It’s your big day, Virgo, and you can dress like a movie star if you want. Peer closely at the Eilish, as the swirling beaded detail will hold you in a trance. It covers the sheer corset with a pointed waist and even the swishing skirt. This truly is a sparkler.

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Grace Yael | August 23, 2023

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