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1920s to 2020s: A Wedding Dress For Every Decade

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The past century has been filled with revolutionary trends. From the newly discovered sensuality of the ’20s to the unapologetic confidence we have today, women over the last 100 years have continuously expressed their identities through fashion. And now #GLBrides want to emulate bygone eras. Read on to see how we’ve celebrated each decade, from the 1920s to the 2020s, in our own designs.


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'20s: The Naama

The Naama is all about that shimmy-shimmy sensuality of the roaring ’20s. Fringes of beading and vintage lace combine to make this one of our favourite alternative wedding dresses.

'30s: The Montana

Rows of pearls and a fishtail skirt remind us of the demure elegance of bygone eras. But the Montana keeps it contemporary with illusion fabric across the chest, adding feminine allure to this wedding gown.

'40s: The Shalimar

The Shalimar is glamour at its best. Structural silk crêpe, a stylish cape and matching gloves make this vintage wedding dress worthy of Audrey Hepburn herself. A handmade corset accentuates curves like the fashion of the 1930s.

'50s: The Maddie

The fun and flirty ’50s were all about full skirts and candy colours. The Maddie‘s delicate waistbelt, blossom-pink brocade and abundant skirt are vintage-inspired prettiness.

'60s: The Cami

Barely-there pink and ivory tulle falls in layers to the ankles with The Cami. We always adore blush wedding dresses, but wearing The Cami with a flower crown makes this one pure magic.

'70s: GALA 811

The ’70s were all about women putting their stamp on the world. Traditionally masculine shapes were worn with style by women who knew what they wanted. GALA 811‘s hipster body suit and sheer beaded fabric make any #GL bride look like a Charlie’s Angel.

'80s: The Charlie

This winter-worthy long sleeved wedding dress draws on the flamboyant shapes of ’80s fashion. Its bold shoulders recall Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding dress, but The Charlie‘s couture fit and French lace overlay update the look.

'90s: The Juniper

Off-the-shoulder necklines were all the rage in the ’90s – and they’re making a comeback. It’s a favourite cut of Meghan Markle herself so, if you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day, The Juniper could be your dream gown.

2000s: The Poppy

If, like us, you wore strapless tops in the noughties, then you’ll like super-bare shoulders of The Poppy dress. Exposed corsetry and asymmetric skirts like this were also seen on the red carpet at every awards ceremony in the 2000s. And we still love it all.

2010s: The G-211

Our hearts are breaking that this decade of exciting and innovative fashion is coming to an end (time flies!), but we’re just as much looking forward to what’s to come. For us, The G–211 sums up the confidence we see in our brides today. Its handcrafted embroidery, high-waisted tailoring and a detachable skirt epitomise the strength and sexiness of the past decade’s women.

2020s: The Bellina

And on to the future! We predict that long sleeved wedding dresses, which have seen the 2010s through to the end, are going to become ever more popular in the 2020s. The Bellina‘s angelic billowing sleeves and wrap-around off-the-shoulder neckline draw inspiration from chic boho wedding dresses. But, at the same time, its majestically voluminous skirt and accentuated waist emulate the timeless beauty of a ballgown.

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Lauren Hepburn | April 3, 2019

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