Ivory Tower

“Your robes are all fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia; from ivory palaces stringed instruments make you glad” Psalm 45:8

A medieval princess is preparing to be united with her knight in shining armor. As he returns from a conquest in a far away land, she awaits him in their enchanted ivory tower. The royal tower is a gothic masterpiece, made of captivating hand carved rose windows which shed beams of golden light into her chamber. Like her elegant and lustrous gowns, the tower embodies motifs of geometric harmony and ivory stone corridors.

She floats on ripples of translucent French lace through the palace stairways in a gown glowing with accents of gothic architecture and reflections of the medieval world. Golden highlights radiate her gowns as she is dressed in worlds finest adornments. Her gown elegantly trails behind her as she walks proud in her royal attire. There is mystery in hues of dusty ivory and dewy blush fabrics from her gowns projecting misty splashes of color shining through fields of immaculate tulle surrounding her delicate figure. The princess’s captivating gowns are decorated with beautiful floral embellishments, glistening hand-beaded crystals and luxurious textured laces.

She anxiously awaits the arrival of her one true love and from the pinnacle of the Ivory Tower. The princess gazes down to see her city rejoice the royal union. Far in the distance, she can see the crowd separating in two, creating a clear path. A path for her one true love who is finally approaching the tower.