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Trend Alert: Why Hiring a Content Creator at your Wedding is a MUST

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A wedding content creator is basically your personal paparazzi for the day.....

dedicated to capturing the essence of your special day in all its unscripted glory. They’re not just documenting moments; but encapsulating emotions, spontaneous interactions, and every little detail that adds to your love story’s authenticity. With iPhones as their trusty tools, they follow the bride throughout the day, ready to seize those candid instances that often go unnoticed. In a world where vertical content reigns supreme, they’re here to curate Instagram-worthy memories that tell your unique tale.

Here for you – an exclusive interview with the one and only Nina Salci content creator at Simon Biles |Olympic Gymnast and Medal Winner| Wedding.

It’s a behind-the-lens journey you won’t want to miss!

Q: What exactly does a wedding content creator do?

A: A wedding content creator is basically your personal paparazzi for the day. It is our job to follow the bride around with our Iphone and capture all the raw, candid behind the scenes moments of their wedding day that a photographer / videographer might miss. 





Q: Why should I consider hiring a wedding content creator?

A: A content creator is a MUST HAVE for your wedding day! As a newlywed myself, advice I was given multiple times on my wedding day was to live in the moment and enjoy every second of your special day because it flies by. But I also wanted to take a million videos, photos and even make fun tiktoks to document the moment. So why shouldn’t you be able to do both? That’s where I come in. Content creators like myself allow the bride and groom to be fully present while also making sure all the details of their special day don’t go undocumented. My packages include real time edited instagram story takeovers. This allows family & friends who aren’t able to make it to your wedding day to feel like they’re there.

Q: What sets a wedding content creator apart from a traditional photographer or videographer?

A: A wedding content creator is considered an addition to your bridal dream team. We work seamlessly with your photographer and videographer to bring your wedding vision to life! All of the content I capture at your wedding is filmed on the latest iPhone, edited, and shared with you via shared album or dropbox uploaded to you every hour on the hour so by the end of your night, you will have access to hundreds of photos and videos of your wedding day. No need to wait months to relive the moment.

Q:How can a wedding content creator enhance the overall wedding experience?

A:It’s my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible on your wedding day. I make a point to get to know the couple’s I work with before their wedding so it feels like they are inviting a friend instead of a vendor to capture their day. One thing I also like to do is capture content not just of the couple, but moments they would miss! Cocktail hour is usually the time when the bride and groom shoot their portraits, so I like to move around and capture both the couple and snippets of friends and family enjoying cocktail hour so the bride and groom can see what they missed while they were away.

Q: Will a wedding content creator work with my wedding vendors?

A: Yes! If you have a wedding planner, day of coordinator etc. I will always touch base with them before hand to introduce myself, get your wedding day timeline, and go over any logistics to ensure everything runs smoothly.



Q: What creative services can a wedding content creator provide?

A:Some of the creative services I offer are edited instagram story takeovers, reels, tiktok content creation, recap videos, and full behind the scenes iPhone coverage (photo and video). I also offer a strategic planning session a week or so before your wedding day to discuss your vision and give you custom content suggestions based on your needs.

Q:How can a wedding content creator tailor their services to my preferences?

A: One thing I pride myself on is having flexible / custom packages tailored to the bride’s needs. Are you social media oriented and would rather I create more tiktoks? Are you skipping out on your videographer and want me to film full speeches? Do you want multiple event coverage such as bridal showers, engagement parties, and post wedding brunch? I can make all of that happen for you.


Q: What budget should I allocate for hiring a content creator?

A: Every wedding content creator is different and prices may vary based on expertise, and what kind of packages / content they offer you but based on my packages expect to budget anywhere between $1800-$2600 for wedding day content creation and $4200-$5000 for a wedding weekend (3 day event).


Q: Do I need to provide references and creative input, or does the wedding content creator handle it?

A: Up to you! The bride gets to choose if she wants full creative input, or fully trust the content creator to do their thing and get creative. From experience, I usually find brides land somewhere in the middle. They will provide me with a few
“Inspo” videos that they’ve seen and loved and from there I can get a better idea of the creative direction the bride wants to move in and provide her with additional videos that match her vision. Sometimes I even get inspired on the day of and create something totally fun and new!


Q: How much content can I expect?

A: I can guarantee you will not wake up the day after your wedding with less than 500 photos & videos in your shared album. I say 500 but knowing myself, it usually ends up being 700+. I also edit your tiktoks on the spot, so not only will you will have all the raw and unedited wedding day footage, but you will wake up to fun tiktoks to post, and your edited IG story takeover saved into a highlight on your page.

IG: @ninasalci & @thebridalgirly

Tiktok: @ninaasalci

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Grace Yael | August 31, 2023

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