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Top 2020 Wedding Dress Trends!

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Brides-to-be aren’t the only hypercritical attendees at Bridal Market, the bi-annual New York City event where the designs for next season are debuted. They’re joined by editors and buyers who are on the hunt to find the next big designer and scope out the trends that will soon be sweeping the bridal industry.


But are modern brides really seeking out major trends to wear while exchanging vows? Not quite, at least according to Galia Lahav designer, Sharon Sever.


“A bride just wants to be a bride!” The designer exclaimed while introducing the Make A Scene collection, the latest couture bridal range from Galia Lahav. Inspired by the “Dreamgirls” musical, there’s no doubt that this collection is rich with dramatic aspects such as sculpted shoulders and elegant tulle skirts that appear to be light as air.

While it might be easy to call out so-called trends in this collection, Sever’s romantic designs truly come to life through the intricate details that he infused the collection with. Some are simply aesthetic additions, while others have a more technical purpose—but regardless, these modern features are the key to an unforgettable walk down the aisle.


“Everybody forgets about the music, the food, what the groom was wearing and the venue. The only thing they’ll remember is you in that dress,” Sever explains.

Here are five of the most standout details from the Make A Scene collection. Some gowns are surely trendy while others have stood the test of time—and all of the designs are absolutely memorable.

Wearable Corset


Nothing says romance quite like a bride wearing a corset. But the thought of dealing with restrictive boning on the biggest day of your life isn’t quite a fairytale. Sever is well aware of this, which is why he made sure the corsets this season are perfectly form-fitting but also made for movement.


“The corset is super light, thin and flexible,” Sever said, describing the bodice of the Serena style. “You can  sit in it—and eat, dance and get drunk!” With piping that extends from the bust down into the skirt, this gown also offers the illusion of a full-body corset—with very little restriction.

Even the subversive look of the Gaga, which features an angular corset top layered over a more traditional corset, offers a wearable take on this historically confining design.

Detachable Features


With just the snap of a button, the shimmering tulle skirt of the Brenna gown can be removed. Hidden under the beaded waistband is a corseted dress sprinkled with silver embellishments. In a mere moment, the bride can ease from vows to the reception.


While this detail is surely not revolutionary, the Galia Lahav take on detachable extras is distinctly loyal to the romantic thread that links the entire Make a Scene collection. “I try to find a way of giving the drama and then getting rid of it afterward,” explains Sever. He applied that notion to sleeves, bustles and even side panels.


For the bride who likes options but still wants to have a traditional silhouette—or simply just wants a dress that can evolve with her wedding—there’s something here for her.


For example, the removable bustle on the Serena dress was made from a spiral of ivory and blush, adding even more depth to the volume. And for a dramatic asymmetrical effect, a train is affixed to the left side of the Michelle dress, elegantly cascading down the gown with two-tone tulle affixed with appliqué.

Deceptive Details


A Couture collection from Galia Lahav is celebrated for being intricately handcrafted, including dresses that take hundreds of hours to complete, but Sever and his team took this commitment a step further this season by getting playful with his techniques


This was the first season that traditional French guipure was used and on the Lindsay dress, two types of the motif-heavy lace were layered. Placed over organza, a 3D floral effect is created, with blossoms starting at the plunging sweetheart neckline and drifting all the way down to the edges of the mermaid train.

And where you see lace, well, you might be tricked. Plenty of the dresses are actually hand-embroidered, replicating the look of the delicate adornment with an even more spectacular touch. Consider Martha as the most brilliant interpretation of this, with a tumbling cascade of white flowers that are intricately woven into the off-the-shoulder bodice and stunning skirt.

Subtle Colors


Upon first glance, most of the gowns from this season appear to be executed in stark white. But that’s hardly the case. Instead, subtle whispers of color are just barely perceptible but undeniably romantic as they play with the light.


The voluminous paneled skirt of Gaga is pieced together with ice pink and ivory lace, while the tulle Kaila is brought forth from the smart combination of ivory, nude and ice pink.


Sever notes that while this understated introduction of color not only adds a richer dimension to each of the designs, but it also allows the bride to stand out from the traditional choice of simple whites.

By Dena Silver

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Annaelle Beenstock | May 22, 2019

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