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The New Galia Lahav 360 Experience

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Since its inception, Galia Lahav has set the standard for bold, modern, sleek Couture bridal gowns. Now, the label is broadening its offerings to better suit the needs of its ultra-connected, tapped in customers, naturally evolving from bridal Couture to a complete experience that goes beyond the wedding gown.

This month, Galia Lahav launches its new FW21 bridal collections, including for the Couture and GALA Line. In addition to the exquisitely designed dresses Lahav is known for, a Pret-a-porter line launched in May and a brand new Bridal Shoe Line elevates the line to a full luxury lifestyle experience, and hints at more to come.

“We believe in listening to our brides, and so developing the company is based on their voices and needs,” Lahav says. “After years of experience in the wedding industry launching our Pret-a-porter and the new Galia Lahav shoe line felt like a natural evolution for the brand. We aim to provide a full experience because we understand that a bride needs more than just her wedding gown.”

To translate the brand’s DNA into its new products, the shoe line is crafted in Italy with the same fine materials used for the gowns, including delicate lace, soft nappa leather, subtle calf suede and glittery tulle, so that brides can wear Galia Lahav elegance from head to toe. Sexy slingbacks, pumps, open-toe platform sandals, edgy peep-toe booties and more bring the brand full circle and are perfect for occasions beyond the ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner. All shoes feature a signature sculpted 105 mm heel, in the true essence of the Galia Lahav brand.

With the purpose of translating the Galia Lahav DNA into our new products, the shoe line is made out of materials used in our gowns such as delicate laces and tulle so they match the gowns perfectly. The Pret-a-porter line was born in order to provide brides with a full bridal wardrobe to cover their every bridal need from the rehearsal dinner to the civil ceremony and the party gown as well as widen our range for brides that are seeking something a bit different than our usual tone and voice but with our quality signature. it is designed for the fashionable, chic, and sophisticated bride. All this together results in us being more involved in our brides’ journey which is one of the main reasons why we were aiming to expand beyond just their wedding gowns and explore new fields of lifestyle products.״

Each Galia Lahav gown is designed to be as unforgettable as the moments they are created for, like a fine piece of art. “When I imagine the Galia Lahav woman, I see a strong, bold, and independent woman,” Lahav says. “She is unapologetic and knows what she wants. She is fierce and soft at the same time. She has courage, but she also appreciates tradition and romance. She’s the full package, bright and glamorous. She carries herself with confidence and knows a true beauty comes from the inside.”

The Pret-a-porter line caters to this woman for every special occasion in her life. “Born in order to provide brides with a full bridal wardrobe to cover their every bridal need, from the rehearsal dinner to the civil ceremony and the party gown,” the line widens the brand’s range for brides seeking something a bit different, but with the signature sophisticated style and luxury materials Galia Lahav is known for. In addition to the Bridal Shoe Line, which will soon be expanded, Galia Lahav is there for the bride, every step of the way.

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Jessica Caplan | October 4, 2020

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