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The Buzz About Bridal Fashion Week

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Designers putting the final touches on their dresses; models prepping backstage; and photographers, editors, and influencers awaiting next season’s looks to go down the runway. No, this isn’t New York Fashion Week or even a show from Paris Couture, it’s New York Bridal Fashion Week, another of the most important events in the fashion industry. Also referred to as Bridal Market, and held twice a year like the Ready-to-Wear collections, Bridal Week is filled with runway shows, presentations, and parties; as well as appointments for buyers to pick the gowns brides will say “yes” to at their bridal shops.  During Bridal Week, bridal gown designers around the world debut their latest collections for the fashion world and brides to view. “Bridal Fashion Week is our chance to show the world how we designers envision the new generation of brides,” says Sharon Sever, Galia Lahav head designer. “It’s a wonderful gathering of international journalists, buyers, and fashionistas.”

“Bridal fashion began being taken more seriously in the early 90s when fashion photographers started entering the designers’ showrooms and bridal market reports were newsy in bridal magazines,” says Rachel Leonard, editorial director at The Bridal Council. “Formal runway shows and presentations followed, and then bridal gown coverage exploded with the internet, bridal TV shows, and bloggers.”

Putting together a bridal week show or presentation takes a lot of preparation and vision—much like planning an unforgettable wedding. After designers and their teams spend months creating their new collection the work to promote it begins.  Each season, bridal gown designers try to outdo their last presentation or show to best showcase their newest dresses. Every detail is considered, from the design of the invitation that goes out to the media to the color of the models’ lipstick. “It’s no longer enough to assemble a group of beautiful girls and have them walk down the runway in pretty dresses,” says Sever. “I believe that the attitude towards the traditional, somewhat conservative bridal world has drastically changed. As a fashion house, we have to be constantly wowed ourselves, so that our customers will feel the same about our designs.”

With the introduction of social media in bridal fashion coverage, designers are able to interact more with their clients, fans, and critics. “Social media has developed a new way for designers to have a dialogue with brides,” says Leonard. “They can help them find their perfect dress and even educate them on things like how long it’ll take to order their gown.”

As each Bridal Week approaches, fashion followers are anxious to see what the designers have imagined for a bride’s big day. “This is when it all happens,” says Sever. “New collections are great opportunities to dwell in the dream world of bridal, but the presentation is very important in order to convey our message to the bride.”

Published on October 4, 2018

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