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Star-Studded Love: Chrishell Stause and G Flip’s Vows Renewal in Galia Lahav Wedding Weekend Collection

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The highly anticipated Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion has hit Netflix like a storm, and it’s delivering all the answers fans have been craving. Among the intriguing revelations is  Chrishell Stause’s vow renewal ceremony all while wearing the fabulous Jill Gown.

The Jill Dress

Chrishell Stause graced her special day in the exquisite Jill Embellished Tulle Mini Corset Dress. This strapless corset mini dress, adorned with iridescent embellished sequins and feathers, radiated glamour and sophistication—a perfect party gown for any occasion. Now, this stunning creation is available at a special Black Friday price.

Selling Sunset: Where Real Estate Meets Reality:

The couple, Chrishell Stause and G Flip, first crossed paths on Halloween in 2021. Their initial encounter occurred while they were both in relationships with other people. As fate would have it, they eventually found themselves drawn to each other after parting ways with their respective partners. Their whirlwind romance became the foundation for a love story that would soon lead to a beautiful wedding.

Emma Hernan's Officiation

Adding a unique touch to the ceremony, Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan officiated Chrishell and G Flip’s wedding. The Instagram post featuring the wedding ceremony pictures expressed joy and celebration.

The couple embraced their unique love story by tattooing their wedding vows—a testament to their individuality and commitment. G Flip, a non-binary artist, expressed their happiness and love for Chrishell, highlighting the normalcy and joy found in their relationship amidst public attention.

What the cast says

The cast of Selling Sunset, including Emma Hernan, shared their excitement and well-wishes for Chrishell Stause and G Flip. Emma, Chrishell’s close friend and officiant, described their relationship as magical and unparalleled, emphasizing the extraordinary support they provide to each other.

In the symphony of love and secrecy, Chrishell Stause and G Flip have crafted a unique tale that transcends genres. From Selling Sunset drama to the subtle hum of G Flip’s melodies, their love story has unfolded like a perfectly orchestrated piece of music. As we celebrate this union, the Jill Gown sparkles in the spotlight, a testament to the magic that can happen when love takes center stage.


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Grace Yael | November 25, 2023

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