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Social Media Etiquette Mistakes Wedding Guests Should Avoid Making

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Your wedding day is incredibly important to both you and us. It's essential that you feel like you're shining. At Galia Lahav, we design wedding gowns with great care and love so that you radiate while walking down the aisle, enjoying yourself, and celebrating. We want you to savor every moment of your big day, so here are some mistakes to avoid:

Let’s dive into the topic with a detailed interview with Captured Mems, the Original Wedding Day Content Creators based in New Jersey & New York City!

Having attended hundreds of weddings, they have the inside scoop on the etiquette for social media coverage as a wedding guest.

Can you share some common social media etiquette mistakes wedding guests make that can inadvertently overshadow the bride and groom's special day?

One mistake that wedding guests can make that will overshadow the bride and groom’s special day is sharing any type of big news on the same day. This applies to pregnancies, engagements, significant purchases, etc. Remember: this is not your special day, your day will come. On the flip side, why would you want to share your moment with someone else anyways? Wait until at least the day after the wedding before making your own announcement online.

How can wedding guests strike the right balance between capturing memorable moments and respecting the couple's privacy?

There is a very blurred line when it comes to this. There are some couples that want to keep their special day private, and there are couples that can’t possibly get enough content captured during their day. If you are unsure of those intentions for the couple’s wedding you are attending, then less is more.

Are there any specific guidelines or tips you recommend for guests who want to share photos of the wedding attire, particularly the bride's dress, on social media platforms?

If you’re part of the wedding party or someone who might see the bride or groom before the celebration officially starts, avoid sharing any details about their appearance ahead of time. You never know who might be watching your feed- including the groom! Couples also love having that moment in the ceremony when guests see their looks for the first time. Revealing their look prematurely would be unfair to the couple.

How can wedding guests respectfully capture and share photos of the bride's dress without overshadowing the couple's big day? What are some common mistakes guests make when photographing and sharing images of the bride's dress on social media?

In order to respectfully capture and share photos of the bride’s dress without overshadowing the couple’s big day, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Put the bride and groom first. Make sure you are not constantly pulling the bride away from her hired professionals just so you can get a picture to post. Even if it’s during the cocktail hour or reception. The couple likely has spent a lot of money on their hired team and that is what they are there to do.

All of this being said, it’s important to consider how constantly recording on your phone might detract from your experience of the day. If you’re always focused on capturing everything, are you truly enjoying the moment and appreciating the finer details?

On your experience, what are some effective ways for guests to showcase the beauty of the bride's dress without revealing too much or stealing the spotlight?

Brides spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their wedding dress for their special day and always want it to look the most beautiful at all times. However, it is possible for there to sometimes be dress malfunctions. Maybe a button breaks on the bustle, a part of an undergarment might be showing, or it’s near the end of the night and the bottom of the dress is a bit dirty. If that’s the case, think twice about posting that picture or video. Even if your friends love to party, refrain from posting pictures of the couple in anything other than their wedding day attire. They likely spent months planning their looks and deserve to showcase them as they intended. What seems funny or silly in the moment might not be perceived the same way later- whether the next morning, in a few weeks, or even years down the line. Moreover, you can’t predict who might see these images and the potential impact on the couple’s reputation.

Are there specific angles or lighting techniques guests should consider when photographing the bride's dress to capture its essence?

Some techniques I would use to capture quality content of the bride’s dress as a guest:
-If the dress is sparkly, turn down the exposure manually to get the shimmer
-If the dress has embellishments, appliqués, or lace, try and have a bright room, but not direct sunlight
-Always have the bride be facing the light source, as opposed to it being behind her (this goes for indoor lighting as well)
-Make sure there is not a light source directly above their head
-Portrait mode is always an easy feature to make sure the lighting gets corrected
-Don’t be afraid to take a more zoomed in picture of just the details of the gown to capture a different POV
-Always take a photo/video straight on or above, never from down below

More about Captured Memes!
We have always had a passion for bespoke storytelling and visual aesthetics through social media.
We are there on your special day to not only capture every authentic moment and detail, but to create opulent and timeless content to last a lifetime. Having attended 100’s of weddings, we have the inside scoop on the etiquette for social media coverage as a wedding guest!

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