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Made from woven yarn and silk, along with dazzling iridescent embellished sequins and feathers, this mini dress is the perfect party gown for any occasion

Shoulder Straps * 

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Size and Fit

– Inner corset
– Inner Spanx
– Closed with a zipper
– Designed for a slim fit
– Model is wearing size 38


Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Wrap the tape measure under your armpits, around your shoulder blades and back to the front.

Under Bust

Measure around your upper ribs, directly under where your bra ends.


Measurement around your natural waist line. If you bend sideways where you indent is your natural waist.


Wrap the measuring tape around your body at the widest part of your hips.

4 0 32 76 69 61 84
6 2 34 79 72 64 87
8 4 36 82 75 67 90
10 6 38 85 78 70 93
12 8 40 89 82 74 97
14 10 42 93 86 78 101
16 12 44 97 90 82 105
18 14 46 101 94 86 109

Details and Care

Your Galia Lahav gown should be cleaned with lukewarm water in a large basin or bath.

Your dress should be dipped in water, with mild detergent (Woolite is a good option), and vanish Kalia only. This is the mildest stain remover available today. Please use the one meant for colored laundry, not the bleaching kind. You can add a little softener, or a mild hair shampoo and conditioner instead.

After the dress is dipped and cleaned in the water (with no extra rubbing or swirling) hang the dress to dry. Allow the dress to dry naturally. Do not squeeze the water out of it.

Your dress can be steamed gently with a professional steamer or steam iron.

Severe stains can be removed with some petroleum ether, the purified clear kind you can find in pharmacies.

We use special design glue for our appliqued dresses, the kind used in the jewelry industry. Please treat beaded and illusion back dresses as a piece of jewelry (no pulling, pins, or hanging from hangers). Any source of heat will damage these.

Once cleaned, the dress should be kept in a fabric cover in a closed dark place. Direct sunlight and moonlight are dangerous for light-colored fabrics, especially silks.

Dresses with dangling necklaces and beaded embellishments should be handled with extra care. The jeweled part of the dresses are delicate and one must take precaution when wearing them. They are to be treated as real jewelry and the wearer must make sure there is no pulling to these pieces as they are perishable. The necklaces and beaded embellishments must be removed by an expert prior to any cleaning of the dress. You are advised to seek consultation from GLHC before any cleaning.

Shipping and Returns

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