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Our inspiration? We think we had no choice

And god created woman
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And God Created Woman

Things had to be done. And, we’ll always have Paris.

Give us a chance to show you a new POV and learn about the purpose of our “And God created Woman” collection inspiration. On the surface, it may seem trivial or too obvious, but the idea at its core is simple and speaks our faith and things that have to be said and, done. And we think we did something good along the road. Will you agree?

Genesis 2:20-23

(20) And the man gave names to all the cattle and to the birds of the sky and to all the wild beasts; but for Adam no fitting helper was found. (21) So the LORD God cast a deep sleep upon the man; and, while he slept, He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that spot. (22) And the LORD God fashioned the rib that He had taken from the man into a woman; and He brought her to the man. (23) Then the man said,  “This one at last Is bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh. This one shall be called Woman, For from man was she taken.”


August 2018

Reading this today, it feels as if the woman did not even “earn her existence” of her own purpose or being and was only created in what feels like a “second thought” or somewhat of an “afterthought” or  simply to entertain man. Even when God believed that one should find a “helping hand,” even then his thought was not directed at the woman, but at some sort of “helper” who would remove the person from his loneliness (only when the attempt to find suitable help for man among the animals failed did the woman be created).

So, the purpose of man’s creation is predetermined and quite clear: He was created in order to sustain the habitation of the world. “On the day that God made the earth and the heavens” the world was incomplete because he did not cultivate the land. Man is the worker, who in his work of the land he brings creation to its completion. The woman’s purpose, though, was never clear. It was maybe implied. From the outset she was never needed and her creation comes only for the sake of man’s needs. Obviously this course of events may present not only the essence of a woman but also the purpose of her existence. But is it, in fact, so shallow and some even might say degrading?

We’d like to tell you how we see it.

First and foremost, a woman’s purpose can never be defined, We mean, even god proved it, he couldn’t point a finger at what man or the world needs, because it’s not materialistic. It can be called in many names but the fact is that working the land and filling the universe, alongside some gorgeous animals and flora, is simply not enough. Secondly, the world needs help, enters: the woman. Why is “help” such a bad word? When did it become so degrading to help? Would you not rather help god to COMPLETE THE CREATION OF THE WORLD? Would you not wish to have the X factor? Or be the missing ingredient that makes ordinary food called dinner? Although we do think it could have been written better, we think our place is safe at the top. Finally, of course man couldn’t stay on his on, it’s boring without a woman! You need some drama, you need a friend, some good spirit and Rosé nights out. God, you need a guiding spiritual essence in order to complete the materialistic being of man. And this, our friends, can only be done by heart. Also, that rib part is kind of intimate, don’t you think?

A vision is all you need. To begin with.

And then, magic can occur.

Where our story begins.

Galia Lahav has been producing women’s clothing and bridal garments for the last 30 years. The fashion house specializes in creating custom made clothes and all its existence is based on femininity or in fact redefining femininity, providing new aspects of sexiness, providing fresh cuts and all this along with hard work and advanced technological development. The idea, at the core of the fashion house, is to combine and integrate between worlds and bring something new. Before Galia entered the world of brides, one could see very classical and restrained styles until Galia recognized a new need from her clients. It is true that she was not alone, but there is no doubt that she was and still is among top designers and leading women in bridal trends worldwide. So it was only natural to boost this line in Paris and bring the agenda among the high ranks of fashion, if not the highest of them all – Paris couture fashion week.

Thus, with a life story of a woman who has been working for several decades to tell the story for many women and live a story of one who is a hard worker, a mother, a founding manager, a designer, holding more than a decade of a loyal friendship with the talented designer and colleague Sharon Sever, providing young managers and family members the opportunity of working and manage her business continually adding to this great story, only emphasizes the need to recount the woman’s creation. And, now it is time to make that call out loud. So yes, the story of woman’s creation – we own it. And we’re happy to share it everyday, with brides and many other proud women.

In this present collection we tried to bring all the knowledge and love to the woman’s body and her being; this is expressed in the many layers of each and every garment, in the complexity of the creation of the embroideries and of some of the cuts and sewing techniques, in the excess fabrics that allows the woman’s living spirit to enter and lead the garments motion on the catwalk or in a nightclub. The colorfulness, which does not guarantee a specific variety, but blends in harmoniously, the glowing fabrics alongside the others that contain them all constitute a modern portrait of the woman, as we see it today.

If we need to sum it up – our WOMAN is versatile and is composed of an idea, being and experience. She is soft but prominent, she has much experience but her eyes are always hungry to learn more, she breathes with every inch of her lungs, she’ll kick ass if she needs and move mountains with bare hands, she’s always on the run, you can never really see where she begins and where she ends, but you can feel her and, it feels great.


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Published on August 26, 2018

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