2016 NYC Bridal Market


Hey! We’re back with fantastic news! Like every year we were at the 2016 Bridal Market in NYC last weekend and it was a remarkable success! This year was like no other because we decided to remove the traditional catwalk and replace it by creating extraordinary booth, hosting the new 2016 Galia Lahav Haute Couture collection along with the GALA n2 collection and -surprise- our evening collection Black Pearl!

Dive into the new world of Galia Lahav’s Princesses and Queens!

This season is all about LOVE! Called “Le Secret Royal” our new collection expresses deep love for couture through our extravagant silhouettes, floral design elements and glamorous shades of pink. Inspired by the royals, their essence and poise, Galia advanced her designs to something unfamiliar, yet extraordinary.

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