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Neo Amazionia | Our New Designer Wear Collection

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Embark on a Glamorous — and Exciting — Adventure With Galia Lahav’s New Eveningwear Collection

If you’re glamming up for a glorious gala, a dazzling red carpet moment or heartfelt wedding extravaganza with your loved ones — or all of the above — let your imagination roam free with Galia Lahav’s bold new eveningwear collection, Neo Amazonia. Peruse the 18-piece capsule, as you venture into the excitement of the sartorial urban jungle, which inventively fuses the verdant colors and dynamic life within the rainforest with the innovative and visionary energy of a futuristic metropolitan landscape.

Crafted with precision and passion, meet Reef.  A-symmetrical structured mini glimmering in full jungle-colored printed sequence showcasing long sleeves and a gloved sleeve. lending an air of elegance and sophistication that is both timeless and modern. This exquisite design allows you to glide effortlessly through your evening, transporting you into the depths of a jungle night with each graceful step, transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary.

Galia Lahav’s signature, body-celebrating silhouettes, like a sultry mermaid, elegant column, and ethereal A-line, help build the foundation to express your individual style and irresistible personality. Begin weaving your own narrative with adornments and precise detailing, like exquisite corsetry, strategic cut-outs and romantic draping. Vibrant tropical colors, blooming prints and gorgeous botanical embroideries speak to the celebration of nature, while opulent metallic embellishments, geometric lines and architectural shapes nod toward an ambitiously high-tech cityscape.


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Sensual hot red halterneck low back satin gown with black satin details framing the neckline, the back and finishing in a black long tie in the back.  This gown isn’t just a dress; it’s a declaration of confidence, a symbol of the power and allure that comes from a perfectly crafted piece of fashion.


Lustrous snatched black sequined collum gown with a back slit showcasing one sleeve and one gloved sleeve. It’s a dress designed not only to be seen but to be remembered, a perfect blend of daring and classic, of fire and elegance. It’s a celebration of the modern woman – bold, beautiful, and unapologetically herself.

So write your own riveting story for your epic night out in Neo Amazonia. Imagine: You’re captivating the rainforest in a lush green bias-cut satin gown, with majestic long-sleeves or intrepidly exploring in a plunge cowl-back tangerine orange asymmetrical draped sheath, exquisite multi-color exotic floral embellishments. The magnificent skyscraper-lined concrete jungle is yours to fearlessly conquer in a hot pink strapless column, with a body-contouring black lapel detail, or a fully-sequined sleek black gown, with a back slit and an unexpected one-gloved sleeve. A glimmering structured mini-dress, with a metallic tropicana motif, traverses both coveted destinations — and puts the spotlight on you, no matter the venue.

As Head Designer Sharon Sever says

in Neo Amazonia, we envisioned a woman who embodies empowerment, adventure, and a harmonious balance between her urban spirit and connection to nature.”

Enjoy your visit and please come again!

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Grace Yael | February 25, 2024

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