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Our Take on the Met Gala Looks: Bridal Collection Comparison

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The Met Gala, fashion's most anticipated event, never fails to dazzle with its stunning red carpet looks. As we admire the creativity and elegance on display, we couldn't help but draw parallels between these iconic ensembles and our latest bridal collection. Join us as we explore how the glamour of the Met Gala translates into bridal fashion

Kendal Jenner's after-party look & our Lola

Among the standout ensembles was Kendall Jenner’s radiant white Givenchy by Alexander McQueen dress from the after-party, featuring actual angel wings

Jenner’s iconic gown, featuring actual angel wings, exudes timeless elegance and ethereal charm, reflecting her desire for both style and freedom to dance

In contrast, Lola Lola presents a modern interpretation of the princess gown, boasting a chic mini length, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a playful flowy skirt

While Jenner’s dress captivates with its dramatic details, Lola Lola charms with subtle elegance, offering brides a balance of sophistication and comfort with its inner corset and flattering silhouette

Eiza González's pink Del Core creation & our Raphaella

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It was impossible to stop thinking about our Raphaella Gowns when seeing Eiza González’s in the pink Del Core creation

González’s gown, described as a “peeled orchid dress” adorned with layers of silk organza, epitomized elegance with its delicate hues and meticulous design. In contrast, Raphaella exudes femininity with a powder pink silk gown featuring a deep plunge corseted neckline and draped details, evoking a sense of romance and allure. Both ensembles capture the essence of sophistication and grace, offering brides timeless and captivating bridal options.

Jodie Turner-Smith’s custom Burberry gown & our G-104

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Jodie Turner-Smith’s custom Burberry gown for the Met Gala 2024, adorned with hand-embroidered faux feather flowers and shimmering pearls, perfectly echoed the theme of delicate fashion history. Contrasting this, our G-104 gown offers brides a romantic mermaid silhouette with delicate lace embroidery and 3D floral accents in blush and ivory. Both exude timeless elegance, catering to those seeking sophisticated yet captivating bridal options.

Cara Delevingne's jeweled Stella McCartney & our Sampaio

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Cara Delevingne’s jeweled Stella McCartney body armor look at the Met Gala 2024 evokes the boldness of our SAMPAIO design. SAMPAIO, a chic and sultry ensemble, features a stretch silk short jumpsuit with a plunging raised collar embellished with hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals. Paired with a sheer skirt adorned in swirling luxe hand-beaded motifs, SAMPAIO exudes sophistication and glamour, offering a statement bridal look.

Elle Fanning in Balmain & our Anna

The draping technique showcased in Elle Fanning’s Balmain gown at the Met Gala 2024 bore striking resemblance to our Anna design

Fanning’s glassy transparent gown gave her an ethereal, ice princess-like appearance, reminiscent of being enveloped in hard ice. Similarly, Anna exudes elegance with its silk satin column silhouette expertly draped by hand, featuring a thigh-high slit and alluring off-the-shoulder straps

Ariana Grande Lowe's Look & Our Bold

It was impossible to not notice Ariana Grande’s ethereal Pearl Loewe dress resemblance to our BOLD design

Grande’s gown exuded an otherworldly charm, with its pearl detailing adding to the ethereal aura. Similarly, our BOLD ensemble offers a contemporary take on elegance with its two-piece A-line design. The elongated crepe corset top, featuring a silk sash and dramatic bow, exudes sophistication

Irina Shayk's Swarovski ensemble & Our Icon

The dazzling display of 84,000 Swarovski crystals adorning Irina Shayk’s ensemble at the 2024 Met Gala resonated with the shimmering elegance of our ICON design

Shayk’s gown captivated with its luminous sparkle, akin to a starry night sky. Similarly, ICON exudes glamour with its fitted column silhouette and striking sheer corset back. The gown is adorned with intricate embroidery, featuring mirrored sequins and delicate light silver beaded fringes, adding movement and allure

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