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And God Created Woman

We invite you to feel the freedom, playfulness and womanly allure of our newest collection, And God Created Woman. With the French Riviera as a backdrop, this collection is based in vibrant tulles reminiscent of the seaside and the colors and curves of floral patterns. In keeping with the styles of abstract expressionism and Monet’s impressionism, And God Created Woman was designed with both small and large scale floral chiffon prints.

And God Created Woman is designed for the Juliete Hardy within us, a woman who is adamant in celebrating her youth, expressing her inner beauty and grasping her independence.

And god created woman
Our inspiration? We think we had no choice

Our inspiration? We think we had no choice

Give us a chance to show you a new POV and learn about the purpose of our "And God created Woman" collection inspiration. On the surface, it may seem trivial or too obvious, but the idea at its core is simple and speaks our faith and things that have to be said and, done. And we think we did something good along the road. Will you agree?

Paris Couture Fashion Week

Paris Couture Fashion Week

For this new RTW collection, we have brought you a modern version of the female embodiment and the variety of her representations and ‘facades’. And so, in this article, we want to present to you how we created our own play, ‘a creation of a woman’, in five acts.

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Next collection : Don't Call Me Sugar


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