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Hollywood Stars and the Bridal Looks We Wish They Wore

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Celebrity wedding gowns have been inspiring designers and brides-to-be for decades. From Grace Kelly to Meghan Markle, these now-iconic dresses not only excite the masses, but they also set bridal trends for years to come. For us, dressing these women in Galia Lahav creations would be a dream come true—so we indulged ourselves with a little game of 'what if'.

We tapped our designer Sharon Sever to find out what bridal looks he’d dress the biggest Hollywood stars in, both past and present. Sever has apprenticed at some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses, including Christian Lacroix, Pierre Balmain, Carven, and Balenciaga. Now, he designs at Galia Lahav and dreams up exquisite gowns. “These women below have inspired me throughout my career and continue to inspire me in my daily work,” Sever says. “It’s thanks to them that I became a designer. Those women made me dream and a bridal gown must make you dream.” 

Grace Kelly

Why He Chose Her: “She was the most beautiful bride in the world. No one can compare to her or her elegance.” 

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: Sever would opt for a simple, elegant dress for Kelly. “She was so unique that she would need a personal creation. Something that no one has seen before,” he says. “I would probably inspire myself from the Meghan for this creation.”

Angelina Jolie

Why He Chose Her: “She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has this mysterious look that makes the process of creation attractive and interesting.” 

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “I would dress her in something crazy, voluminous, but still sexy and see-through, like the Lily Rose.”

Marilyn Monroe

Why He Chose Her: “She was the sexiest woman that ever existed and she represents femininity at its best.”

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “I think she would wear the Anna. It had this retro style and simple glamorous elegance.”

Lady Gaga

Why He Chose Her: “I would dress her for the challenge of dressing someone so eccentric and free in her style,” Sever says. “I love her because she doesn’t care about public opinion and dresses the way she wants with her own personality.”


The Gown He’d Dress Her In:

“I would love her to wear the Gaga dress that was named after her.” 

Audrey Hepburn

Why He Chose Her: “When we talk about iconic women, we can say she is THE iconic woman.” 

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “Shalimar—for me, it’s an iconic dress”

Jennifer Lopez

Why He Chose Her:  “I am crazy about J-Lo.”

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “I would say the Nevis dress with the Nova skirt because it’s extraordinary like her. It has a lot of presence and is timeless.”


Why He Chose Her: “Very daring and bold, she is an unstoppable woman. It looks as if our style was made for women like Cher,” Sever notes. “She would wear sheer dresses with extravagant designs and embroideries while still being romantic and classy.”

The Gown He’d Dress Her In:Definitely the Sampaio, it’s a daring and unconventional dress.”

Marlene Dietrich

Why He Chose Her: “She was very glamorous and elegant.”

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “The Snow in Summer dress has class but it’s very teasy. High-neck classic lace but very transparent and daring. You need a strong personality to wear it.”

Brigitte Bardot

Why He Chose Her: “She is a new kind of sexy: beautiful but wild. She is the typical bohemian woman. She behaves badly while being so educated. She’s a femme fatale.” 

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “The Magnolia is very pure and classic but completely sheer. It has two worlds in one dress.”

Catherine Deneuve

Why He Chose Her: “Classy, classy, classy! A beautiful and amazing actress who is very knowledgeable and connaisseuse of what is beautiful. She redefined beauty.” 

The Gown He’d Dress Her In: “Custom, of course! And certainly not white. In terms of design, it would be in the same spirit as Alma.”

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Annaelle Beenstock | January 16, 2020

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