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GL Spotlight: Zoro Sposa Boutique

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Introducing Switzerland's preeminent destination for fashion-forward brides: Zoro Sposa. Located in Zurich —they’ve become a destination for brides who want a couture experience from start to finish. Here, learn all about the custom looks they’ve created and, of course, which special brides have visited Zoro Sposa themselves.

What does the Zoro Sposa experience offer that's unique to you & your brides?

We started our journey in the bridal industry more than 30 years ago as a family business and have remained so until today. Of course, in these years you gain a lot of experience and know how and this benefits our customers.

We have constantly evolved in the selection of our dresses from the top bridal designers, service and ambiance of the venue to provide our brides with an unforgettable experience and in the best case exceed their expectations. This only works in the long run if you are passionate about what you do and always give 300%.

But what definitely makes us special and what our brides appreciate the most is the incredible passionate, warm and professional care we and our team members provide. As a family business, our staff is part of the family, each of them has internalized our Zoro DNA. It is always a joy for us to stand in the store and feel the positive energy, hear the laughter and see how joyful everyone is. These good vibes coupled with the beautiful selection of dresses with high-fashion twist is what our customers love !

What kind of customers come to your boutique?

From celebrities, real princesses to “normal” brides – we would say the most beautiful brides from whole Europe come to us! The majority of our clientele is fashionable, open-minded and is professionally successful – for these reasons they very often know exactly what they want. They recognise good quality and appreciate an impeccable 5-star service which they also get with us. It is important to them that they put the choice of wedding dress shopping in experienced, professional hands and at the same time they love our cordial manner. For us it is always a pure pleasure to satisfy a demanding customer, to have found her dream dress that blows her away and given her an unforgettable time with us.

What's the most memorable appointment you've ever held?

This is a chapter that could fill books! Over the years we have shed many tears of joy with our brides and experienced some very touching moments. One couple we remember with pleasure. It was a few years ago and at that time they were still students. They were driving by car and when they saw the dress in our window, it was love at first sight – they almost caused an accident! Shyly, the two lovebirds entered our store and asked us if they could please try on this dress. Needless to say, the beautiful student looked gorgeous in the dress and when she stood in front of him, he spontaneously proposed to her and both of them (us too!) started crying…. There was only one catch, it was a very expensive dress and since they were both still studying, it was out of their reach. We agreed with them special payment conditions with partial payments and so they paid off the dream dress slowly until the wedding. Two and a half years later the time had come – an intimate dream wedding with an incredibly in love couple took place. The two are now successful lawyers and visit us whenever they are around and of course we always tell each other their story.

What are some of the most impressive alterations that your seamstresses have made to dresses?

When it comes to weddings, many brides lose weight. For this reason, it is essential to do several fittings, especially just before the big day. But we have also had the case that a customer gained 20 kg due to illness and this within a very short time. The time was too short to order a new dress. The challenge was to insert the missing 30 cm from head to toe so that it was not visible and besides, it was a completely hand-embroidered fabric. Needless to say, this was a lot of hours of work and patience and all our tailors worked day and night to make it perfect. At the end, we had a very, very happy bride!

When it comes to picking a dress with a corset, what are some fit details that are important to consider?

We recommend that a corset should rather fit a little tight – due to the body heat the fabric stretches after a short time and fits like a second skin (same effect that happens after wearing a skinny jeans!). Now a comfortable tightness is achieved and you feel secure! Our tip: watching Red-Carpet events, Academy Awards etc. This will give a feeling for how a corset should fit different figure types and how the different fabrics behave.

What tips do you have for matching a dress to a veil?

We love veils and would put a veil on almost every gown if we could! So naturally, we was thrilled when Galia starts to create matching veils to her dresses! We recommend matching the veil to the dress, of course, but the type of celebration can also have an impact on the choice of veil. If the location is imposing and luxurious, the veil may be accordingly glamorous; for a simple garden ceremony, a rather light, soft veil is the right option and for a civil wedding with a short dress a fun, puffy veil can be the right accessory.

What are some embellishment trends that your brides can't get enough of?

We love providing our brides with various options to allow them to change up their look from ceremony to reception. Whether it is a dramatic cape or a voluminous overskirt, brides have plenty of options for surprising their guests with a “second look”, without having to change their gown. What our brides love the most at this moment are sleeves. Especially detachable, big Sleeves are perfect for brides who wants to give a modern twist to her princess dress with a touch of fun, yet sophisticated detail. This contemporary look also offers a stylish way to show off beautiful shoulders.

What are some customers favorite features that can only be found in Galia Lahav dresses?

As we said, we started our business a long time ago and had the pleasure to work with the most famous brands and nothing could inspire us so quickly because we were already very spoiled. And then came Galia Lahav! It was like someone finally understood what brides really wanted, each
dress turned ordinary women into stunning creatures and the fit blew us away from the start. The fact that Galia Lahav gives our brides the possibility to modify and personalize the dress as they wish is very appreciate. Till today literally every bride who puts on a Galia dress for the first time
feels this feeling just like we did back then – we call it the WOW-moment.

What was the most important thing when choosing the location for the store?

It was love at first sight – high walls, enough space for private suites and an in-house atelier, huge shop windows. But what we liked the most was the already existing generous stage in the middle of the store. Everything was just perfect, we were able to make everything happen exactly how we envisioned it! Till today, our brides like the private atmosphere of the suites, but when it comes to the final decision, they want to see themselves on the stage. A true star feeling…

What are the best brunch places for brides to go before or after their appointments?

A favorite meeting place for our clients is the Hotel Baur au Lac. With its various restaurants there are opportunities for a casual lunch or a drink in the beautiful garden right on the river. Equally popular is the Hiltl – the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world but with the hippest dishes. Since most of our clients are very health conscious, this is the place to go for a delicious meal after the wedding dress appointment with the girl crew. Both locations are just a few minutes walk from us.

What are some bars or restaurants where the Zoro Sposa team can be found after work?

Our crew and we can often be found at the restaurant Hiltl after work or at the lake in the summer, but quite honestly our employees love the casual get-together at the big table in our studio. Our Italian mother (and probably the best cook in the world) often spoils us with homemade specialties and this is often like Christmas after a hard working day. Thus, our studio becomes the favorite place of our entire staff!

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Jessica Caplan | March 4, 2021

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