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Australian Brides, Get Ready : Galia Lahav Partners with Helen Rodrigues Bridal

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Galia Lahav, the renowned luxury bridal and evening couture fashion house, is delighted to announce its partnership with Helen Rodrigues Bridal as the exclusive official retailer in Australia.
Beginning March 2024, Australian brides will have the opportunity to discover and indulge in the dreamy creations of Galia Lahav at the prestigious Helen Rodrigues boutique in Sydney.

In the heart of Sydney’s Lower North Shore suburb of Neutral Bay, an iconic bridal destination awaits, adorned with the legacy of elegance – Helen Rodrigues Bridal. Since its establishment in 2001, this boutique has been the go-to for Australia’s most sophisticated brides, offering a curated collection from the world’s eminent designers. Now, a new chapter unfolds as Galia Lahav, the renowned luxury bridal and evening couture fashion house, joins hands with Helen Rodrigues Bridal to bring a touch of couture splendor to Australian brides.

The Boutique Experience

Helen Rodrigues Bridal stands as a symbol of unparalleled dedication to excellence, offering a unique bridal experience that transcends the ordinary. With collections sourced from international fashion hubs like New York, London, Israel, and Lebanon, Helen ensures that each bride receives exclusive attention during their “By appointment only” sessions.

The boutique becomes a private haven, where brides immerse themselves in a world of style, intimacy, and meticulous attention to detail.

A bridal gown from Helen Rodrigues Bridal is an experience of excellence, and not just a purchase.

Galia Lahav's Couture Elegance in Australia

We, the Galia Lahav team, are delighted at the prospect of brides at Helen Rodrigues Bridal in Australia enveloping themselves in the artistry and romance meticulously woven into our haute couture creations. The anticipation of unveiling the pinnacle of haute couture at this exquisite boutique, enabling brides to feel their most exquisite, is a moment we earnestly look forward to.



And as Helen herself said “This partnership is a testament to our ongoing commitment to bringing the best in luxury bridal
design to the Australian bride.”

Booking an Appointment and Unveiling Dreams

Brides of Australia, it’s time to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Book your appointment at Helen Rodrigues Bridal and immerse yourself in the beauty of our Galia Lahav gowns. What are you waiting for? Your dream gown awaits – seize the moment and let the magic begin!

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Grace Yael | January 30, 2024

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