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The Couture Experience Online: Galia Lahav’s Online Fashion Boutique Is No Compromise

Galia Lahav’s Online Fashion Boutique Is No Compromise
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By Sabrina Weiss

For some of us, shopping for designer women’s clothes in a high-end boutique or department store can be an exhilarating, life-affirming experience, in which we can revel in good service while taking in a visual feast of options. We pose and twirl in front of the dressing room mirrors and imagine wearing these works of art on future occasions.


So often, however, the details of life get in the way. We want to reenact a shopping montage from a ’90s romantic comedy, but we don’t have time to devote to trying on gown after gown. Our global tastes extend beyond the borders of our hometowns, and the local couture boutiques don’t always carry the designs we covet. When they do, we still might have to compromise based on the sizes and colors available their racks, even as we wish this gown had a longer hem, or that outfit came without sleeves for a party on a hot summer night.


Isn’t there an easier way to get luxury dresses to suit our lifestyle? The answer, of course, is an online fashion boutique.


E-commerce used to be the domain of simple items — books, small electronics, pet food — often limited by low-tech website images and our distrust of online distribution centers. But as technology has improved, broadening options, we’re increasingly accustomed to getting everything from meal kits to mattresses delivered to our door. It’s not just about the convenience of ordering from home. More and more of these sites offer the options to customize their products and get exactly what you want. So, why not do the same with couture online?


When Galia Lahav decided to lead the way in bringing designer women’s clothes to the 21st century, we knew selling “fast” fashion dresses online wasn’t an option. Instead, we have stayed true to our three-decades-long commitment to quality and handmade designs that have earned us a place among the Paris couture elite.

When you buy Galia Lahav fashion dresses online or in a boutique, the gowns are made to order. This means you can alter many of the pieces in our collection to suit your needs and taste. Choose your color. Remove the sleeves to make a dress sexier, or just one for an asymmetrical look. Turn a mini dress into a maxi, or vice versa. Close the slit of a skirt and raise the neckline for something more modest. Add a train or other embellishments for extra drama.

Traditionally, to maintain that level of customization in the couture process would mean re-drawing a paper pattern by hand for each dress before it is sewn, adding extra time and cost. But Galia Lahav has developed an advanced printing technology that translates custom orders to precisely measured paper patterns. This way, our seamstresses can still use those patterns just like the ones fashion houses have used for centuries to create dresses that fit customers to perfection.

Whether you’re buying phone accessories or designer women’s clothes online, you need two things for a great experience: excellent customer service and a solid return policy. We are available to our customers at all times to solve any problems that may occur before or after your purchase, and you can return your unworn purchase within 30 days for a full refund.

We’ve long expected our food to taste equally delicious when we order it through an online app as when we dine out, and now, at last, we can be assured that when we shop for fashion dresses online, they’ll be every bit as stunning as what we would purchase in person. In fact, with all the time you’ve saved, you might have more opportunities to enjoy wearing your next Galia Lahav piece.

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Sabrina Weiss | September 16, 2018

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