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Be The Star Of Your Own Show: Galia Lahav Launches Telenovela for Couture FW22

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Just in time for a new episode this season brings more excitement and action into our real lives after spending months watching shows that made us dream. Design duo, Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever say it is time to star in your own Telenovela and take the leading role.
Breaking free from lockdowns and quarantine, yes, time to PARTY, not in front of your television or in small private gatherings, the world opens up to a thrilling chapter, your own.

Alongside the rest of us, Galia Lahav Couture co-designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever were bingeing away, too and channelled their vicarious travel to stunning locales, heartfelt romances, gutting betrayals and riveting thrillers into their craft — and the new Galia Lahav Couture Fall 2022 collection. Because, after a year of watching fictional characters revel in their exciting lives, it’s time to celebrate in-person, with beloved friends and family. That means your nuptials need to involve that perfect dress — or dresses — that truly expresses you, your feelings and your television-inspired dreams for this long-anticipated big day.

As Sharon says: “Fashion is drama, a wedding is drama, and Galia Lahav loves drama.” So, like the offerings on Netflix, the aptly-named Telenovela collection allows for sure-fire hits for all brides to express themselves and create your own compelling leading lady for your wedding day. Because Galia Lahav Couture understands versatility is key — especially right now when you deserve exactly what you’ve dreamt of for your wedding day.

To lead a bodice-ripping period piece, consider a spectacular gown with Galia Lahav’s signature corsetry. The body-celebrating corsets are moulded with an innovative technique that creates a stunning silhouette, while offering comfort to dance the night away. Go full drama with majestic trains, opulent embellishments and exquisite story-telling embroideries or sartorially play it cool, with clean, gleaming organza or ethereal layers of silk taffeta. Connect with your environment — beyond eating outdoors or watching nature shows — with sublime organic elements, like 3D appliqués, flora-and-fauna-patterned beading and nature-referential embroidery. Be bold and play with color — and throw intriguing twists into the mix — with sweet shades of light pastels, a peachy blush and an unexpected milky white ivory. Modular elements also allow you to play multiple parts at once, like you’re a secret agent on a mission (or make a quick-change from ceremony to reception), like removable sleeves and detachable overskirts and playful oversize bows.

So look to Telenovela to write your own love story and happy ending, with endless sequels — and perhaps launch a spin-off or two, if you know what we mean.

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Jessica Caplan | October 5, 2021

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