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Couture & Gala

Bridal Trunk Show in The Bridal Boutique Edmonton, Alberta

October 27, 2023 → October 29, 2023 | NW, Canada

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NW, Canada
October 27, 2023 to October 29, 2023

Dear Bride-to-be,

This is your time to say YES TO THE DRESS!

Our trunk shows are where you get to enjoy the new collection which has never been seen before and your moment to purchase.

Register now to experience the magic of finding your dream wedding gown!
Get a chance to choose from our famous custom-made wedding gowns for a perfect fit to your body and style.
With more than 20 of our TOP sellers.

Price ranges from $14,000 CAD for a handmade Couture gown customized from beginning to end according to your exact measurements.

Price ranges from $5,700 CAD for DROP pieces and from $8,000 CAD for a luxurious ‘made to order’ GALA by Galia Lahav handmade gown.

Book your appointment today!
It’ll be the best day before your wedding day, guaranteed!

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    At our GL Flagships you can bring a whole cheer squad – at our certified GL retailers it always depends on their store policies. They will usually notify you and let you know beforehand and you can always give them a ring to make sure!

    Usually, this is your chance to see the newest collection – but it’s always best to reach out to the boutique/retailer – especially if you are looking for a specific gown!

    Typically the cost to sign up varies depending on the boutique/retailer but is somewhere around $50-$100 – If you find your dream dress (we are certain you will) – the fee will be deducted from your purchase!

    We love to spoil you, so once in a while, discounts will be available!

    You will have enough time to take around 20 selfies in each gown – aka 60-90 min per appointment!

    If you are lucky, you get to meet the one & only Galia & Sharon at one of the many trunk shows we have all year round! 

    Sometimes a GL representative may be present at the trunk shows as well!

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