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Bride Of The Week: Julie Freyer-Moser

Bride Of The Week: Julie Freyer-Moser
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Meet our GL Bride of the Week, Julie, who celebrated her special day adorned in our Jasmine Dress. Her wedding unfolded in the picturesque Swiss Alps, a secluded mountain hideaway where we could gather with our loved ones in an intimate setting. In the upcoming interview, Julie shares reflections on her extraordinary wedding and the beautiful journey of becoming a GL bride.

A moment of your wedding day will you never forget?

There were countless beautiful moments, but one that will forever stay with me is the overwhelming feeling when I saw all our friends and family gathered at the wedding. Witnessing them celebrate and share in our joy, their faces illuminated with love, is a memory etched in my heart.


One thing you wish you knew as a new bride? What advice would you give to future brides?

I wish I had known that the days leading up to the wedding can be stressful, no matter how prepared you are. Embracing flexibility is key for last-minute changes. Also, surprisingly, I recommend choosing a wedding dress 9-12 months in advance, a detail often overlooked by many brides.


A detail that made your wedding special/unique?

Our wedding took place in the Swiss Alps, where my husband grew up. We wanted a traditional wedding ceremony, filled with some modern elements, and a big party after that. We particularly loved the idea of choosing a hideaway in the mountains where we could have the people we love all for ourselves. This created a special magic that we will remember forever.


How did you know your dress was 'the one'?

I generally knew that I would love to wear a dress by Galia Lahav. I saw the “Jasmine” dress on the GL Instagram account a few years ago and saved it in my images. I immediately fell in love with this dress and just hoped, it would be the one for me. That is why I made an appointment at Zoro Boutique in Zurich for the fitting. I remember trying on “Jasmine” at the end of the fitting after a few other dresses. I felt so comfortable and radiant that everyone in the room knew it could be only this dress and no other.


How did it feel when you put on your dress the day of the wedding? What was everyone's reaction to the dress?

I felt so beautiful and like myself in the dress and I remember how the flurry feeling of the whole day before the ceremony somewhat receded into the background. My husband, my friends and family absolutely loved the dress. I got so many compliments from everyone at the wedding, but also from people who saw pictures online.


Would you have done anything differently?

Not at all. Reflecting on our wedding day, I can confidently say that every decision, every detail was a piece of our unique love story. From the choice of venue in the Swiss Alps to the exquisite “Jasmine” dress by Galia Lahav, every element contributed to the magic. I wouldn’t change a thing; the day unfolded exactly as it was meant to, filled with joy, love, and unforgettable moments that now make up the tapestry of our cherished memories.


What was your favourite part of the wedding to plan/you were most looking forward to?

One of the aspects I was most excited about was planning the moment when my husband would see me in the dress for the first time. The anticipation, the buildup of emotions, and the sheer joy of that moment were unparalleled. While every detail of the wedding planning held its own significance, the thought of creating a lasting memory with that first look was a source of great excitement and delight.


How did you meet your husband? How did he propose?

We met in the library at the University during exam season at the Faculty of Law. Went on a date after a few encounters and the rest is history. He proposed after a night out, a bit tipsy just the two of us. After that, we chose a ring together. I always wanted an intimate proposal and the timing was just perfect.


How did you find working with the team at Galia Lahav?

Working with the team at Galia Lahav was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to making my bridal experience exceptional were evident from the beginning. The process was seamless, and I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the team, ensuring that my dream dress, the “Jasmine” gown, was not only exquisite but also delivered in a timely manner. Their dedication added an extra layer of positivity to the entire wedding preparation journey.


How many dresses did you try on before you found it?

The search for the perfect dress was an adventure in itself. While I don’t recall the exact number, I tried on around five other dresses before discovering the “Jasmine” gown by Galia Lahav. Each dress had its own charm, but the moment I adorned the “Jasmine” dress during the fitting at “Zoro Boutique” in Zurich, there was an undeniable sense of certainty. It wasn’t just a dress; it was the embodiment of my vision, radiating comfort and radiance. The unanimous agreement in the fitting room confirmed what I had felt all along – it had to be this dress and no other.


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Kaileah Christine | January 11, 2024

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