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Bride Of The Week: Julia Acierno

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Introducing our radiant GL Bride Of The Week, Julia Acierno, elegantly adorned in our exquisite G-104 gown. Julia celebrated her special day at the enchanting Blue Hill Farm nestled in Westchester County. Join us as Julia shares cherished moments from her wedding and her journey as a GL Bride! As told by Julia:

A moment of your wedding day will you never forget?

One moment I will never forget from my wedding day is walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing my husband standing in front of a spectacular array of flowers trying to keep his glasses from not fogging up.

The entire day I was so calm and collected but as my dad and I walked over, I became nervously overwhelmed with different emotions as it was all about to happen. As soon as I saw him my nerves melted away, the music went quiet, and I knew that no matter what happened the rest of the day it was going to be an absolute perfect way to start our lives together.

One thing you wish you knew as a new bride? What advice would you give to future brides?

One thing I wish I knew is to make sure to enjoy all the little moments. I know everyone says this, but the day will go by extremely fast. So my two biggest pieces of advice would be.

Take time to yourselves: before the ceremony take time to have a moment of quiet whether its with your soon to be husband, your mom, closest friend, or completely by yourself. I separated  myself after wedding party photos before the ceremony for some quiet time and it was the best decision. It allowed me to clear my head, take in the day that has already happened and read through my vows again. And of course get my makeup and hair touched up. Then take a moment for just you and your new spouse
post ceremony, just sit together, have a drink, eat some hors doeuvres by yourself. As soon as you go into the cocktail hour or the reception you won’t have a moment alone until the end of the night.

My second piece of advice would be to do your best to not leave each other throughout the night. Sounds simple but it’s hard as people pull you in different directions saying congrats or if your partner is not a dancer, it’s your day to celebrate your love and being together all night makes it that much more special.

A detail that made your wedding special/unique?

The big thing that made our wedding unique is that ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing all happened in different locations at the venue. It gave dinner a more intimate feeling not having the dance floor in the middle of the room. It also allowed for everyone to completely enjoy their dinner before letting loose and entering the dance party space. A small detail that most people didn’t realize is that we got the opportunity to go through the kitchen when entering the cocktail hour and got a celebration from the entire culinary team which was incredibly special.

How did you know your dress was 'the one'?

When I put the dress on it just felt right! I felt sexy in all the right ways. My mom was with me the first time I tried it on and she said she got goose bumps (which is big for her). When we came back a week later with my sister after a day of trying other dresses that she felt could be the one .. she said OMG now I know why you didn’t LOVE any other ones… this is it!

How did it feel when you put on your dress the day of the wedding? What was everyone's reaction to the dress?

It may sound cliche but I felt like a princess. It was everything I could have envisioned! Everyone was in awe of the dress! They couldn’t stop complimenting how beautiful it was and how it was made for me and it truly felt that way. It also took my husband’s breath away when we did our first look!

Would you have done anything differently?

Thinking back to the day, I don’t think I would have done anything differently.

What was your favorite part of the wedding to plan/you were most looking forward to?

My favorite part of wedding planning process was having an AMAZING wedding planner and mom who took on the biggest task. I live in Pennsylvania and the wedding was in New York which made it a little challenging to get to every appointment. With the wedding planner and my mother they helped to lay out all the different options in an easy way for me to make all the decisions.

One part that I was looking forward to and was not disappointed was going back to Blue Hill for the tasting. This was an incredible experience and was extremely unique. We were treated to our own Private dinning experience, were we learned all about the food that we were tasting and how it is transformed. it allowed for us to really appreciate ever detail of the dishes that were served at the wedding.

How did you meet your husband? How did he propose?

Funny Enough we met on Tinder back when it was the only one that was really being used. We both went to university of Delaware and when we matched we decided to meet up at a party! He ended up proposing at long wood gardens in Pennsylvania which is where we had our official first date.

How did you find working with the team at Galia Lahav?

The team was absolutely amazing to work with! From the trying on process to the dress fittings I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Additionally having the team comment and respond to photos I was posting was incredibly special and keeps the celebration going!

How many dresses did you try on before you found it?

This dress was technically my 3rd dress that I tried on but it was the only place I went and was missing my sister. So I spent a day trying on about 18 different dress only to come back to lucky number 3.

Venue | Blue Hill Farm
Photography | Christianoth Studio
Flowers | Ivie Joy Floralarts
Music | Jarrell Entertainment
Dress | galialahav
Ceremony | Illuminating Ceremonies
Wedding planner | Laura Remmert
Makeup | Daniel Martin 
Hair |  Steven M Fernandes
Cake | Lulu Cake Boutique, everythinglulu
Rehearsal dinner venue | crabtreeskittlehouse

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Kaileah Christine | June 9, 2024

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