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Bride Of The Week: Judy Maxwell-McNicol

Bride Of The Week: Judy Maxwell-McNicol
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In the picturesque setting of Borthwick Castle in Scotland, Judy and Sarah's love story unfolded.....

This timeless tale began seven years ago in Paris, where their paths crossed. Little did they know that their journey would lead them to a wedding that united their cultures and continents. Judy, a proud Scot, and Sarah, whose ancestry surprisingly linked her to Scotland, now proudly share the Maxwell-McNicol surname, celebrating their shared heritage.

Our GL Bride, Judy, wore the Gale Wedding Dress from our Do Not Disturb collection. This gown not only showcased her beauty but also captured the very essence of their special day.

Surrounded by the rustic beauty of Borthwick Castle, Judy and Sarah exchanged vows in a timeless ceremony. Their wedding day blended the grandeur of medieval traditions with the intimacy of their love, while Judy looked gorgeous in her Pipa Wedding Dress. The gown’s intricate lace and classic design harmonized with the historical setting, transforming Judy into a vision of beauty and grace.

Judy and Sarah’s wedding, with Judy wearing our Pipa gown, celebrated their exceptional love story—a reminder of the unpredictable and limitless nature of love.

Judy | @weemoodyjudy
Sarah | @sarahmaxwellart
Photographer | Dylan Kitchener @thekitcheners

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Kaileah Christine | December 3, 2023

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