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Bride Of The Week: Ashley Pipe

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Meet Ashley, our #GLBride of the week! She manages our New York Flagship Store and looked stunning at her reception in the elegant Lady G Wedding Gown. Her custom-made Polly added a personal touch to her look. Read more to discover the story behind her bespoke bridal experience!

1. Can you describe the inspiration behind each of your two wedding looks and how they reflect your personal style?

As a longtime fangirl of Princess Diana, I felt the Lady G gown evoked a similar grandeur and elegance as Di’s wedding dress (minus her 25 foot train, of course)! I wanted to blow my groom and my guests away and I never doubted this dress’s ability to pull it off. Another bride’s look I’ve clung to since the first time I saw it on my childhood best friend’s basement TV is Miss Bradshaw’s. I’m sure she’s what set my heart on wearing a creamy, luscious ballgown. I was less convinced of the peacock element personally, but in my book Carrie can do no wrong.

I think my personal style is always flowing and evolving, but my favorite outfits are consistently those involving a statement piece. Lady G’s sheer volume provided in that area, and the separate corseted peplum top felt like a perfectly unexpected element to make the whole thing authentic to me.

As a member of the Galia Lahav family, how did your connection with the brand influence your choice of gowns for your special day?

I have spent almost a decade working with brides to understand their vision and help bring it to life, so it was surreal to step into the position myself. My time with the Galia Lahav family has provided an intimate look at the process of all that goes into the making of each dress; this team really cares about every single bride. Knowing firsthand how much went in to producing my gowns made me so proud to wear them.

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day, and how did your custom looks contribute to that experience?

My wedding venue had these gigantic curtains and doors that opened to send me down the aisle, arm-in-arm with my parents. It was very dramatic and sent all my butterflies flying when I could finally see my groom waiting for me. The anticipation that was building all day to that moment melted into radiating joy and overflowing love.

How did you collaborate with the Galia Lahav team to bring your vision for your wedding attire to life? Were there any unique challenges or delightful surprises during the design process?

Oh my goodness, Lady G stole my heart as soon as I started working with Galia Lahav. In my opinion, this gown’s design is in a league of its own. The richness and color of the material paired with the overall editorial style made this dress so special to me and an immediate winner. I only tried on one other gown before Lady G, and once it was zipped and I saw myself in the mirror, it was game over. I’m one of the girls who picked her dress before she got the ring.

I was really torn about what to wear for my second dress. I knew I wanted to create something that contrasted the sleek and classic look of my ceremony gown, but nothing was feeling quite right and I was dragging my feet on making a decision. Our Head Designer Sharon absolutely saved the day on this one! I showed him some inspo pics during one of his visits to our showroom and after a little back and forth, he designed the most fabulous bow attachment for the Polly gown. It was like he read my mind! And I felt so honored to wear something totally one-of-a-kind made by someone I admire so much.

What advice would you give to future brides who are considering custom wedding gowns, especially those looking to balance tradition with modern elegance?

Galia Lahav’s team is super unique among bridal designers for the freedom they give brides to customize their wedding gown. Whether it’s a more simple change such as the color or adding a sleeve, or an ultra complex made-from-scratch design, I’ve never known a design house to allow brides so much creativity. My advice is to remember that the most special and important part of your wedding dress is the feeling that it gives you. Galia and Sharon are like your fairy godmother and godfather, once you get the custom process started you can literally watch your dream come to life!

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Grace Yael | July 7, 2024

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