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Bridal GALA

Collection no. II

GALA No.2 is a pure-love-for-nature collection. When you’re ready for love, you let yourself fall and flourish in the light and wilderness of your emotions. That’s the way mother nature is once you let her in.

GALA is our made-to-order bridal line, that caters to brides who prefer dresses that are chic and soft.

Collection no.ll - Galia Lahav - GALA 710

In our GALA collections.

Lightweight, delicate and "balletic" silks are paired with the house's renowned trademarked hand-made embroideries, using special techniques developed by Galia herself. GALA is designed for brides who gravitate towards dresses that are fashionable and current. All brides have the option to custom-make their GALA dress.

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