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Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes: How Our Captivating ‘Queen Gia’ Gown Was Created

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From one bride’s dream to reality, our magical ‘Queen Gia’ is a dazzling gown fit for royalty.

The ‘Queen Gia is one of the most extravagant gowns we’ve ever created. It all began with a GL bride who fell in love with our classic Gia gown but wanted it to be more spectacular. After much thought, we created the majestic ‘Queen Gia’ gown by adorning the strapless corset and full skirt entirely with breathtaking crystal encrusted appliques.   

Queen Gia Gown Galia Lahav

Taking over 200 hours to finish by hand, our enchanting ‘Queen Gia’ gown is perfect for the bride who dreams of becoming a fairy-tale princess on her wedding day.    

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Kaileah Christine | November 20, 2018

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