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An Exclusive Interview With Jewelry Designer Keren Wolf

Keren Wolf Interview w Nevis Dress by Galia Lahav
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Jewelry Designer Keren Wolf on Making Statement Pieces, What Brides Should Look For, and Collaborating with Galia Lahav

Keren Wolf is more than a jewelry and accessories designer—she’s an artist. Known for her intricate, unexpected creations, and for breaking the mold when it comes to style, this visionary has become a sought-after force with celebrities and bridal industry insiders alike. A longtime friend of the Galia Lahav house of fashion, Wolf has been an integral part of executing our unique vision, creating pieces that have been styled in many of our stunning photo shoots and campaigns over the years. Now, we’re sitting down with Keren to give you an inside look at how bridal magic is made.

Crown by Keren Wolf

Galia Lahav: First things first—tell us how you came to work with the Galia Lahav house of fashion.
Keren Wolf: My collaboration with Galia Lahav started many years back, when Galia designed the evening gowns for Miss Israel Beauty Pageant and asked me to design crowns that would suit the gowns in the most perfect way. It was a big thing back then and generated big buzz, since it was actually the first time that the crowns were custom-designed for the beauty pageant. They were very unique and different from what was typical back then.

Head piece by Keren Wolf

GL: Can you talk a little about what the collaboration process like?

KW: At first Galia and I discuss the concept of the collection and think together about what should work best and what pieces would suit her designs. When I custom-design for Galia Lahav, I always use motifs that are in the collection and add them to the pieces, even if just as a little twist.

Crown by Keren Wolf

GL: How did you get started in the jewelry world? Did you study design in school?
KW: I got started in the jewelry world out of a big love for fashion and accessories in particular. At first I designed for myself, as I always loved adding special pieces to my look. After being a professional actress at my early 20’s I chose to make my true passion into a profession. I took private lessons with the best teachers and signed up for classes with top leading teachers abroad, in Paris and London.

Mask by Keren Wolf

GL: Your first piece was your own wedding headpiece. Why did you choose to design your own? Did you feel something was missing in the market?

KW: I chose to design my own head piece because I was looking for a unique piece that would characterize me—and as I kept searching for a headpiece I realized there was a big lack in jewelry and accessories for brides, especially headpieces. That is how my first bridal collection was created.

Crown by Keren Wolf

GL: Your pieces are stunning statement makers- What’s your main source of inspiration when designing?

KW: My sources of inspiration are infinite. It can be different motifs of nature, unique raw materials, or . different eras in fashion such as the 20’s. It can be anything and truly comes out of my deep love and passion for design.

Eye jewelry by Keren Wolf

GL: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve ever designed?
KW: My favorite piece would be the reversed head-wrap. I first designed it a few years ago and in each collection I give it a new interpretation. I think this piece is very cool and yet very fashioned and chic.

GL: What do you love most about designing for bridal?

KW: I love being a part of their big day. It is an honor to be a part the happiest and most exciting day of [a bride’s] life.

Earrings by Keren Wolf


GL: What should brides look for when choosing the right wedding jewelry and headpieces?

KW: Firstly, a bride should define what is her dream for her wedding day, what is her dream look, and be connected to herself. She should look for the right piece that will suit her entire bridal look, complete it, and will have the right volume. I believe that the right headpiece has a little bit of you in it; it should characterize you. This way you can guarantee you will have the right piece.

Belt by Keren Wolf

GL: Any bridal style advice for brides-to-be? Or one thing you’d tell all brides?
KW: The one thing I always keep telling to brides is to be connected themselves, know exactly what their dream for their big day is, and stick to it. Every bride-to-be should have one person that she trusts the most, and try not to listen to multiple ideas because she can get totally lost and end up not having what she’s always dreamed of.

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