Weddings & Social: The fine line between a media affair and a Circus of spoilers


When done right, social media can take your wedding from “nice” to “unforgettable”, an inspiration for other couples walking down the aisle and, a brand’s dream. There is a fine line between converting your wedding into a social media affair and turning the event into a circus of photos and spoilers, so as a couple, it is up to you to define how you want to present your wedding on social media and the following guidelines can help.

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Provide Wifi
Posting live will make the affair more exciting and current. Provide Wifi for your guests so they won’t have any excuses to post that shot on Instagram or to upload that Snapchat video.

Get the savvy ones on board
We all have friends who aren’t photographers but who have a knack for taking amazing pictures. Ask them to capture moments during the party, ones that the professional photographer can miss because he is too busy following you and your partner around. Tell them to shoot more than just selfies — ask for venue details, clusters of people laughing; kids doing sneaky things and other moments that you and the photographer will miss.

Get everyone on board with a hashtag

Once you have the savvy ones on board, then you can let the rest of your guests know about your social media takeover. The easiest way to do this is by creating a hashtag and printing it on the invitations, on your website and even on your social media profiles. You can even write the hashtag on a chalkboard, for the guests to see when they arrive at the party or print the hashtag on small cards placed on the tables.

Take it to another level

If you are a content creator and you love consistency, then you can take your social media takeover to another level by adding the filters your guests can use for Instagram and Snapchat, along with the hashtag. Send them links to apps they can use like VSCO or add the names of the apps on the cards you print, so that all the Instagram posts and Snapchat shots will be consistent.

Take advantage of live streaming

Besides uploading photos and Snapchat videos, your guests can help you to include those people who are abroad and could not make it to the wedding with live streams. Mediums such as Periscope can make this possible so everyone can feel included. Although you can suggest the use of live streams to all guests, it’s best to assign this job to a few people, so that only the best moments of the wedding are captured for those abroad.

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Use the tagging feature to its full potential

You are going to have a slew of pictures capturing the best moments of the wedding, so after the festivities are over, take advantage of the tagging feature by sharing these moments with everyone. You can start by simply tagging the people in the photos but you can go a step further and tag the brands and the suppliers. Who knows, your picture might be good enough for brands to repost on their social media profiles and have your wedding reach a bigger audience.

Choose someone to keep the affair from turning into a circus
There will be moments during the wedding that you will want to keep off from social media. Some brides may not want to have phones in their face when they are walking down the aisle, some couples prefer not to stream the first dance online and the professional photographer will not want the flash of a smartphone in his shot. To ensure that such moments stay sacred and off social media, assign someone the responsibility to inform the guests to switch off their phones before the moment happens.

Having your guests contribute to your wedding through social media means that you can enjoy the day, without having to snap photos and videos yourself, or feel like you are missing moments from the wedding. You will always have those photos taken by a professional but it’s still fun to have a memento of those spontaneous instances, taken by your friends and family, who will capture moments in such a personal way.

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