Shooting in Texas with Gary Plumlee


Today we’re receiving a special guest, the great photographer Gary Plumlee! He ran a wonderful shooting in Texas which,like he said, gave him “an amazing opportunity to work with some of Galia Lahav’s most recent creations in concert with a very unique model, the amazing Katharina Linke! She wore two of our dresses Delphine and Crystal as you will see! This shooting also gave us the chance to learn a bit more about him, his art and his inspiration! We asked him a few questions, so don’t hesitated to scroll down to know his answers and his work!

DSC_7077 copy

Why did you want to become a photographer?

“I have always been an artist, I guess I was born an artist and began looking for my thing, my art. I suppose that my uncle, a talented photographer, gave me a camera to shoot and I could just “do it”, so I did and never stopped.


DSC_6816 copy When did you start shooting? with what device?

“I have always been interested in photography…as far back as I can remember. For many years I shot medium and large format film cameras. Over the years I have probably used every kind of camera manufactured, (most of them anyway), but I was never totally satisfied with what I saw, I guess I was a pretty intense artist. I have photographed well over one thousand weddings, many celebrities, and countless portraits.(…)When digital photography came along I approached it with the same intensity. I went back to school and studied technology eventually graduating with a degree in Convergence Technology, graduating with honors; Magna Cum Laude. I loved the idea that digital photography offered and after waiting a few years for the equipment to catch up it finally has. Now I’m having fun! Digital Photography offers the widest range of possibilities especially in genres like fashion photography.”

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What do you think is common to you and Galia Lahav?

“Galia Lahav is very unique. It is art in the form of women’s clothing. I have always had success in photographing women. I think the way that Galia Lahav so effectively compliments female form with Galia’s “edgy” style, makes it a natural subject that wholly captivates my interest and gives me the desire to work with Galia Lahav. I have recently had an amazing opportunity to work with some of Galia Lahav’s most recent creations in concert with a very unique model, “the amazing Katharina Linke”, it was very gratifying to me.”

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